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Hey my name is TheKillerey and I am the Site Admin of this Page.
I do mostly map mods and also record videos for my Youtube Channel.

I am here to share infos and mods for other users so we get better content for League of Legends. I work together with some Youtubers like RossBoomsocks and my mission from beginning was that I want to work with Riot and not against them to make the best content for League of Legends.

Discord: TheKillerey#8312

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I’m Yorû, former Admin of Voxskins and Mapskins, now Co-Admin of Killerskins and Skin Creator since 2015.
I mostly create remodels, but I’m also creating HUD mods for new skins, skin edits for cheap skins and
a few Retextures and Map mods here and there.

I’m also doing most of the webdesign and community-management.

Discord: Yoru#1006

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I am Marcius922, a.k.a. Martin. I am former semi-pro league player and novice programmer. I make small tools for the creators cause I strayed away from custom skin creation, but still love the community.

Aside from tool creation I make sure discord server works as intended and moderate the chats.

Discord: DevMarcius#9765

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