Website owner


Hey my name is TheKillerey and I am the Site Admin of this Page.
I do mostly map mods for the game League of Legends and also record videos for my Youtube Channel.

I am here to share infos and mods for other users so we get better content for League of Legends. I work together with some Youtubers like RossBoomsocks and my mission from beginning was that I want to work with Riot and not against them to make the best content for of League of Legends.

Discord: TheKillerey#8127



I’m Yorû, former Admin of Voxskins and Mapskins, now Co-Admin of Killerskins and Skin Creator since 2015.
I mostly create remodels, but I’m also creating HUD mods for new skins, skin edits for cheap skins and
a few Retextures and Map mods here and there.

I’m also doing most of the webdesign and community-management.

Discord: IM#6715


I am Marcius922.

Discord: Marcius922#9765


I am Damonix, a self destructive 2D-Artist with an affinity for Chaos.
I mostly work on Chromas or help out Yoru on textures and splasharts.

Discord: Damonix#9219


I am Rexxar. I am mostly inactive unless TheKillerey needs some help on the website.
I also recovered a lot of the old Mapskins skins.

Discord: Rexxar#1272


I’m Atrix, former Voxskins server-owner and now I create our animated discord-server-icons and banners.

Discord: Atrix#3737