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  • Custom skins according to Riot are “Use at your own risk”.
  • We recommend you only use LCS-Manager (and Fantome) and get the skins from our website.
  • You cannot get paid content from Riot for free using custom skins.
  • Only known bans have been in the following servers: Korea
  • However, otherwise there have been no bans in the ~2 year period that we have been using the method behind LCS-Manager and Fantome.

What we can currently say:

Custom Skins are not bannable and we have not received any user reports yet. All non-Asian servers are supported.
Asian servers are different and they are not supported by Fantome or LCS-Manager. Garena is the only supported Asian server.
The Korean server has banned users for using LCS-Manager. So far it is this only server however.

Other sites that use custom skins:

All programs except for Fantome and LCS-Manager are a risk to your account. Only Fantome by Crauzer and LCS-Manager by moonshadow565 are safe to use. We cannot guarantee custom skins from other websites than will be working with the provided programs or are safe to use, so we do not recommend using custom skins from other sources.

Asian custom skin tools:

Some Asian custom skin tools stole from Fantome and broke the creator’s license. Avoid using them to not risk your PC getting infected with Malware or your League of Legends account being (perma-)banned. We do not support the usage of those tools or Skins (GEZI Skins).

Fantome License – for Fantome by Crauzer and LCS-Manager by moonshadow565

Skin Hacking/Using official League of Legends skins for free:

Skin Hacks = The usage of official League of Legends skins that you have to purchase for RP in the Shop, without actually purchasing them, but modding the files and using them as “custom skins” for free.

Fantome and LCS-Manager do not support using official League of Legends skins for free. No such custom skins will be posted to and the creation of those will not be endorsed in the Killerskins Discord community. If you are using Skinhacks provided from other sources or created on your own, we will not take any responsibility for the safety of your League of Legends account.

Using Riot intellectual Property (IP) from League of Legends and “remixing” them into actual custom skins is legal, as long as they are non-commercial (which they are on this website).

Riot’s official statement for custom skins:

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