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Coding Creation Tips Sound-Editing

You can put the Star Guardian recall SFX (or from any other recall or SFX you wish) without having to affect ALL recalls in the game. In this example we will be adding Star Guardian Kai’sa’s recall SFX to Graves’ recall.

First, start off by pulling the code from Kai’sa’s animation bin for skin40.bin

                    "audio_recall_leadin" = SoundEventData {
                        mSoundName: string = "Play_sfx_Kaisa_Recall_leadin"
                        mIsLoop: bool = false

Paste this code underneath the recall atomicclipdata under “mEventDataMap…”

then make sure to pull the Kaisa sounds banks from the skin and place it in in assets > sounds > wwise2016 > SFX > character > kaisa > skins > skin40

You also can use particles to trigger SFX without editing animation bin, using the string SoundOnCreateDefault: string = "..." paste in the same block as ParticleName/Path {but ofc, this will need a particle container to be used in, if you dont have one just use the animation bin method}

You also can use a empty particle container to attach a SFX, doesnt need to have any particles in

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