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SKIN STATUS : working

Skin infos

  • Champion Replaced: Seraphine
  • Skin Replaced: Default
  • Author: Bearded Shepherd
  • Skin Version: 1.0
  • Description: Pool Party Seraphine for Pool Party 2021

All textures except her hair, ice cream cone, and part of her face are hand-painted by myself using Substance Painter and the model was created through Maya. If you’d like to know how you can check out my Substance Painter here on the Killerskins website.

If you would like to show appreciation for MY work, you can donate here on my PayPal! or follow me on my Twitter at

DISCLAIMER: If you are crashing at loading screen and are unable to load the skin in game, please disable “Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode” in your settings under ‘Game.’ You should be able to load the skin without any issues then. This may cause you to be unable to load some other custom skins, in which case you will just have to use them separately and toggle that depending on what you want to use.

Extra infos

  • New model and texture
  • Replaces all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified particles

Screenshots and videos



First release

  • FIXED Unable to load skin in the latest update of LCS as of 7/10/2021


First release

  • FIXED Sounds on mute.
  • FIXED Scale on R wave to match with actual hit box better.
  • FIXED Missing particles.
  • CHANGED Passive Ground Indicator
  • CHANGED Tweaked some small particles to fit the Pool Party Theme.


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Bugs and errors

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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by lunallie in 25/12/2021

The mod doesn't function right now, tried both having DX9 enabled and disabled and it still crash my client during loadscreen on around ~50%. (′⌒`)

 by Yoru in 25/12/2021

it definitely does not work with dx9 enabled, it usually should work without it

 by lunallie in 06/01/2022

Sorry for late response but even with DX9 disabled the mod still make you crash during load screen~

 by Crystal in 12/12/2021

Crashes my game when 60% - 100% in loading screen

 by kunoryx in 30/11/2021

I cant run this skin with the Life Guard Braum skin :(

 by missdessirecosplay in 25/10/2021

The skin is mute, Q_Q fix it please

 by Pat in 13/10/2021

Great skin, but the sound does not work now

I love it! it works perfectly:) very well done

 by Moroes in 25/07/2021

Wow.. from the screenshots this looks incredible!

 by Talon (@Talon24415092) in 15/07/2021

In loading screen few second then out to the client reconnect Pls pix it soon ! I wanna see her in that skin now XD

 by Yoru in 15/07/2021

try deleting the mod completely and then re-import

 by Talon (@Talon24415092) in 16/07/2021

It still not working :(

 by Fan of Vex (@FanVex) in 13/07/2021


 by Ruby in 11/07/2021

Crashes your game. Also pool party sona brings you to the seraphine download page.

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