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Mod information

  • Champion: Gangplank
  • Modified skin: Default
  • Author: Bearded Shepherd
  • Skin Version: 1.0
  • Description: Special gift skin for Captain Redbeard and Gangplank mains alike! Merry Christmas!!

Special thanks to Yoru, Queen of Night for the video spotlight!

Any content creator is absolutely welcome to feature this mod! Just please be sure to credit Bearded Shepherd and provide a link to this original download post.


This skin does come with 8 chromas however you cannot use more than one at the same time of course, they are all separate downloads and you can only have one enabled at a time.

I reused Gangplank’s original head (and retextured it), some of his arm textures from Pool Party, Sugar Rush Braum’s shield piece, gummies, and cherries. Also created a base body from a variety of body parts from Gangplank’s skins. The rest the of textures are hand-painted by myself using Substance Painter and the model was created through Maya.

If you would like to show appreciation for my work, you can donate here on my PayPal!


  • New model and texture
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified particles

Known issues

  • This skin does not work with DX9 Legacy Mode enabled, please make sure it is off before using it, otherwise you will crash in loading screen. This will not run alongside any other mods that only run on DX9 Legacy Mode which unfortunately includes Winter Rift. (Will look for a fix later on but unsure if it can be solved). For now, please make sure it isn’t enabled in order for it to run correctly.


Download and Socials

NOTE: This is a Google Drive Link. Just click on the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner and don’t mess with the single files in the overview.



[23.1.2023] UPDATED FOR PATCH 13.1

  • Fixed Fixed broken VFX as of patch 13.1

[20.12.2021] FIrst release

  • AddedNew model & texture changes to base Gangplank!
  • AddedNew model & textures for Candy King Gangplank chromas
  • AddedNew particles


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Bugs and errors

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Mod status and what does it mean

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