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How to make Map Skins Work after Patch 13.6 (ones that change geometry ie: Project, Winter, Spirit Blossom Rifts)

You have to copy this “About” text under Post settings in the “Excerpt” space in order for our tutorial lists to work properly.

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server.

Video tutorial

Written tutorial

Dx9 Legacy Mode

Make Sure DX9 Legacy is on in your game’s client settings (cant be changed once your in a match)

CsLol Manager Confirmation

Always make sure you have Waiting for league match to start in CsLol Manager before proceeding

Practice Tool Crash

Load into a practice tool where it (more then likely) will crash.

This is due to the patch 13.6 where the new anticheat system more then likely cannot read a new mapgeo right away.

Exit and reconnect (without mods)

Exit the crash and it should take you back to your client where there is a reconnect button.

Don’t click it again as the same will happen. Disable your mods and then hit reconnect, it will take you into the match with no mods (this is ok).

Re-enable and Load into another practice tool

Re-enable your mods and load into another practice tool match. Now the map should work (how this fixes it is beyond me I just know its has worked every time for everyone i’ve helped).

It could take a 3rd time, but usually only takes 2. After that as long as you don’t stop running your mods or add any new mods in you wont have to do this until then.

Therefore, you shouldn’t have to do this in between games unless you add more mods.


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