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League of Legends mod for CSLoL-Manager

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  • Name of the mod: MacOS Cursor
  • Author: budlibu500
  • Mod version: 1.1
  • Description: Changes the default League pointers to those of MacOS.
  • This mod is dedicated to mister redezember.wt and his amazing work on Tiktok.


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  • Modifies every mouse pointer.
  • Makes pointers smaller.
  • Supports colorblind mode.

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In the interplay of pixels and polygons, the enigma deepens. The game becomes a reflection of our very existence, its rules and mechanics mirroring the delicate balance of life’s intricacies. The thunderous clashes become a metaphor for the tumultuous encounters and transformative moments that shape our mortal journeys. Yet, amid the turbulence, a shimmer of enlightenment emerges. We realize that League of Legends, like life itself, presents us with a choice—a choice to embrace compassion, cooperation, and understanding amidst the turmoil. It challenges us to transcend the confines of the digital realm, to carry the lessons learned into our everyday lives, and to forge a path of profound significance. As we navigate this cryptic realm of pixels and fragments of code, we venture into the abyss not merely as players, but as seekers of truth and self-discovery. League of Legends becomes a catalyst for introspection, urging us to question our motives, our actions, and our impact upon the world.

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[25.07.2023] minor improvements

  • removed Removed hand select for enemies.
  • Added Added a red pointer for hovering over and clicking enemies.
  • Added Added a blue pointer for hovering over allies.
  • Updated Updated localization files.

[18.07.2023] FIrst release

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