Bearded Shepherd

I am Bearded Shepherd, an experienced 2D and 3D artist who creates a majority of my models from scratch and with my own hand-painted, custom textures.
Using Maya, Zbrush, and Adobe Substance Painter, I push my work to be of the same as Riot’s quality in hopes of working for them one day!

Discord: Bearded Shepherd#0849

Cpt Redbeard

Ahoy me hearties! I’m Captain Redbeard, known for my Gangplank related content on KillerSkins.
Knowledgeable in Photoshop/Illustrator, Maya, and Substance Painter.

Discord: Captain Redbeard#5190


Hey, I am Devil, a casual League of Legends player who has creating Custom Skins as his hobby.
I love to create skins, mainly for champs I play, but I’m open for ideas.
I use Adobe Photoshop, Maya, and Blender as my main Programs.
I hope I can make this hobby to my job, that’s why I try to improve with every new skin that I create.

Discord: Devil😈#4548


Hai I am F4K3 and Im editing Skin Chormas and Textures since January 2021 to give them a whole new Design, look and a new thematic (effects excluded).

Discord: F4K3#5677


Hey! Insta here, Iam mostly doing random stuff for random thing related to league.
Usually u can find chromas & recalls on my page!
Feedback is always appreciated in the comments or directly via Discord!
Profile pic by Allen_Skies!

Discord: Instabuy#1979

Karma Enthusiast

Hey there! I’m Crocosmia, and I primarily work on restoring old custom skins for League of Legends, bringing back older versions of champions, and even (sometimes) creating my own skins.
My goal is to get as many custom skins published for all of you to enjoy.

Discord: Crocosmia#2871


Hello there, I’m Maglen, a casual League player who enjoys messing around with HUD ideas in my free time. If it’s not obvious already, I pretty much only work with HUDs, but ocasionally I mess around with chromas (though at this point in time I have yet to feel confident in how they look to release them xD).
I mainly use Adobe Photoshop and Ritobin.

Discord: Maglen#4779


Hi I’m Scrafty. I do restorations, chromas and bin related stuff as a hobby, i also happen to be the dude who is responsible for all new VO on the League wiki.
If you need very old VO or files in general, you can contact me.

Discord: Scrafty#9073


Heya I’m Max/sleepydama; probably just your run-of-the-mill artist, Jack of all trades, and master of none. Very tired and currently suffering from a bad bout of heartburn. If you have any questions, please leave a message at the tone and don’t expect a guaranteed response. Try to spread positive juju. Ciao.

Discord: blub#8890


Hello, I’m Thuan, I usually do mods about maps, HUD, recolor skins and sounds (SFX and voice).
I always make mods with the best quality, hope you guys will support me with the next mods.

Discord: Thuận#8321


Henlo! I’m Tyre 4770 & I do recolors for custom skins!
I am the original creator of Lazy Rift and the Candy Apple recolor line.
I mainly use GIMP for my recolors, nothing special! :p

Discord: Wysteria🌹#1696


Hi I am Valf, I am a perpetually hardstuck Draven OTP on the NA server that enjoys creating custom skins as a creative outlet.
Feel free to send me clips of your best plays while using any of my skins, I enjoy seeing them in action.

Discord: Valfren#6346