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Website Information


Color used on this website: #dd163b


What category does my post belong to? – Explanation:

  • CHAMPIONS: All custom skins for LoL champions
    • MODS CONTAINING SOUNDS: A side category for all champions skins that contain sounds and are not pure sound mods
    • OLD CHAMPIONS: Old versions of champions
    • REMODELS: Custom skins that change the model of champions
      • CHAMPION SWAPS: Mod that puts one champion onto another
      • MODEL SWAPS: Custom skins that take models from other games and put them on LoL champions
      • NEW SKINS: Completly new skins (New model, new particles etc.)
    • RETEXTURES: Custom skins made only by changing textures of existing models
      • CHROMAS: Full new color palettes for existing skins, no new thematic/skinline, particles can be changed
      • HD SKINS: Upscaled and or improved textures of existing skins/champions
      • RESKINS: Custom skins that change the thematic/skinline of a skin completely, just by changing textures and particles
    • SKIN EDITS: Texture/Model adjustments for existing skins, no full color palette changes
    • SPIN-OFFS: Champion assets from other Riot Games
      • WILD RIFT
  • FONTS: Changes the LoL in-game font
  • HUD: Skins that edit the LoL In-Game HUD/Interface
    • CHAMPION ASSETS: Modifies the in-game champion circle or the skill icons
    • GAME ASSETS: Modified game assets like minimap, endscreen
    • GAME INTERFACE: Modified the normal in-game HUD
      • SIMPLE HUD: Huds made with the SImple HUD template
  • INFOS: Only for admins.
  • MAPS: Skins that change any LoL map (Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, etc.), Textures or Remodels
    • HOWLING ABYSS: Custom skins that change Howling Abyss map
    • SUMMONER’S RIFT: Custom skins that change Summoner’s Rift map
    • OLD SUMMONER’S RIFT: Custom skins that bring back the old Summoner’s Rift
    • NEXUS BLITZ: Custom skins for Nexus Blitz
  • Miscellaneous: Custom skins that don’t fit any of the other categories
    • MINIONS: Custom skins that change the appearance of minions
    • JUNGLE CREEPS: Custom skins for jungle creeps
    • RECALLS: Custom skins that change the recall animation
    • INDICATORS: Custom skins that change any kinda of Indicators, like skill indicators, pings or cursors.
  • SOUNDS: Any kind of sound custom skins, like voiceovers for champions or announcers
    • ABILITY SOUNDS: Custom skins that change the sounds of abilities
    • ANNOUNCERS: Cutom skins that change the in-game announcers
    • CHAMPION VOICES: Custom skins that change in-game champion voices
    • BACKGROUND MUSIC: Changes an in-game background music
  • RESTORATIONS: Bring back anything from older versions of LoL
  • TOOLS: Custom skin related tools
    • If you want to contribute any Tools, contact an admin first (preferrably Yoru)!
  • TUTORIALS: Guides to do anything custom skin related
    • CREATION: Any guide related to custom skin creation
      • GENERAL: General creation tutorials like how to use Obsidian or how to create a mod
      • 2D-EDITING: Tutorial related to 2D-Editing (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.)
      • 3D-EDITING: Tutorials related to 3D-Editing (Maya, Blender, etc.)
      • CODING: Tutorials related to LoL coding (Bins etc.)
      • SOUND-EDITING: Tutorials related to sound editing
      • MISCELLANEOUS: Other tutorials, like fonts
    • INSTALLATION: Only for admins.
    • FIXES: General fixes for broken/outdated mods

Make sure to not only include the last category your skin belongs to, but also the main category: Champions/Remodels/Wild Rift


Make sure to add your Creator name and the skin thematic.

There are some must have seasonal/thematic tags:

  • Valentines – any valentines themed skins, like Withered/Crystal Rose, Sweetheart, etc.
  • Pool Party – any summer themed skins, like Pool Party, Lifeguard, etc.
  • Halloween – any halloween themed skins, like Bewitching, Deathsworn, etc.
  • Winter – any Winter or christmas themed skins, like Santa, Winter Wonder, etc.

Template for WordPress Thumbnails

All Posts need to use this template, otherwise it won’t be accepted.

You are not allowed to edit the logo, banner underneath the text and frame.
You are only allowed to change the content of the text and it’s up to you what you place inside the frame.

Make sure to upload the image as a .jpg file.

If you don’t have Photoshop you can use Photopea + editing tutorial or use Gimp.

WordPress Reusable Blocks

Reusable Blocks are edited Blocks that can be reused in multiple posts.

In order to find them you just click on the + to add a new block and then type in the name of the block.

How to use them:

The titles of the reusable block itself should explain what is it for. It also has emojis:

  • 🔒 = Either a private block of someone or a website important reusable block, so dont import this at all
  • 🔁 = The reusable block needs to be only converted
  • 🔁📆= This block needs to be converted and only the date must be edited
  • 🔁✏️= This block needs to be converted and the block itself must be edited (for example texts)
  • 🔁🖼️= This block needs to be converted and images must be edited

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