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If you want to edit SFX Audio files and don’t know how to do it, use this detailed guide on how to change your Champs SFX audio in just a few steps.

Things you need:

Extracting the Champion file with obsidian

Download Obsidian and launch it.

Click on File, you will see more options, click on Open.

Now you need to find the League of Legends Champions folder. Follow this image guide, start with your Riot Games folder location.

Now you need to search for your Champions .Wad I will pick Seraphine, because I need new Sounds for my next Project.

Now Obsidian will show you the content of the Wad. Go to sounds and open every folder until you find the folder with your Champions .bnk file.

Select the Audio files for the skin you want to change or select the sounds folder, to extract every .bnk file.


You need to extract the .bin files as well, if you want to know the names of the events you want to replace the audio from.

I need skin1.bin but better extract every bin file, you never know if you need them later.

Creating the Wad folder

Now you have the needed files extracted. You should have a Folder for the extracted files and create a new folder for your project.

Start by creating a Wad folder, just follow the steps. Copy the extracted sounds folder into the assets folder. You can add the sounds folder to an existing Wad folder if you have a Skin and want to change the sounds as well.

Extracting the .bnk files with events

Now we need Morilli’s bnk-extractor. Download the bnk-exract.exe and put it in a new folder. Add the .bnk files and the .bin of the skin you are changing.

You may need to check if the files work, because sometimes it’s the bnk. file or the wpk. file.

(I need to skip this step, for my Seraphine skin and will change to my K/DA ALL OUT Neeko sound files, because the program has some errors and Seraphines audio files won’t work with it right now.)

Open a new PowerShell Window (Shift + right click in the explorer window)

In the PowerShell Window use ” .\bnk-extract.exe -h “to get the commands you can use. You need -a (audio file/ .bnk file) -b (bin file) and -e (events .bnk file)

Start the next line with ” .\bnk-extract.exe ” and add your audio path file behind the -a , your bin path file behind the -b and the events path file behind the -e .

To get the file paths shift right click onto the files and click on ” copy as file path “

Now you just fill all the paths in and click enter.

The output folder will be created, and you can find every event folder with the audio files in it.

Search for the event you want to change and write the name of the .wem file down.

Converting Audio files to .wem with Wwise

Almost finished now you need your audio file as a .wem file. You probably don’t know how to get .wem files, that’s why you need to download Wwise.

Launch Wwise and create a new Project, now you will need to configure the project. For that go to Project, Project Settings, Source Settings.

Now you want to click on the three dots, this will open a new window. In that window open the Vorbis settings and set your Conversion Quality to Vorbis Quality High.

The next thing to do is import your audio file you prepared. You need .Wav audio files, but those can be easily converted on the internet, with any audio converter.

Import every audio file you got, because it will convert all of them, I will only do one for this Tutorial.

With the files imported click on ” Convert All Audio Files ” . Check if Windows is checked and click on OK.

To get the converted audio files open your documents folder and go to WwiseProjects, your Project, .cache , Windows and SFX . Your converted files should be in that folder.

Replacing Audio files in wooxy

The last step you want to do is replace the now converted audio files with the original ones. Open Wooxy and go to Soundbank editor.

Open the .bnk file from your wad folder

You need to look for the Sound ID of the specific event you want to edit, I want to edit the sound of the third Q hit of Neeko’s Q, I need to look for 93372805.

The Sound IDs are sorted by size, that means you just have to search for the first few numbers, and you should find the file you want to replace.

If you found the right ID just click on it and click on Replace, now you need to open the .wem file for the new sound you want to replace the other with.

You’re done, you can close Wooxy.

How to do it with VO files

You may ask yourself how to do it with VO sound files. It’s the same process except you need to extract the VO file from the language .Wad file

Just extract the whole folder, because it only includes the sound files.

When you are done changing the audio files, you can just put it into one .Wad, no second Wad needed. Just drop the sound folder into the assets folder, and it should work. Keep in mind, to rename the folder to your language code and if you publish the mod create a .Wad for every language and upload all of them, so the person downloading the skin can choose their language.

Installing the mod

The last step is to create the mod and test it.

When creating the mod, select the assets folder when adding the RAW folder.

The Mod should work if you followed every step, if you still need help contact me

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