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Skin information

  • Champion Replaced: Ziggs
  • Skin Replaced: Default
  • Author: AntiWibu
  • Skin Version: 1.2
  • Description: Blow them ALL up!


  • New model and texture
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Replaces loadingscreen
  • Modified particles
  • Modified animations
  • New voiceover

Important usage information

This mod used Zoe animation. You can use it to make Klee Zoe as well.
The voice in the mod is japanese version.

Screenshots and videos

Loading screen



[09.10.2021] Update bin

  • fixedFIXED Outdated bins, no longer has missing sounds

[27.08.2021] Update model

  • fixedFix voice in-game.
  • ImprovedRemodeled bomb. Jumpy Dumpty is ready to serve!

[20.08.2021] FIrst release

  • ADDEDFirst release.


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Bugs and errors

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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Grathe in 24/01/2022

The voice is for NA? LAN? Im from LAN, doesn´t work

 by Alebrire in 19/01/2022

Dont work for me, iam Brazilian.

 by oppstom in 08/01/2022

can you make voice pack plz ?

 by ss8201ss in 04/01/2022

Thanks a lot for the KLEE mod but I'm a player in TW_Client can I have TW_Client voice pls?

 by shiro in 03/01/2022

fix voice pls

 by thinhbakaa in 24/12/2021

fix voice plssss

 by ronisdabest in 21/12/2021

Please fix the voice problem, I want to hear Boom Boom Bakudannnnnnn

 by PhamHai in 09/12/2021

the voice doesnt change, please fix

 by Occuria in 23/11/2021

Conflict in: name = Ziggs.wad.client orgpath = //installed/tmp_extract/WAD/Ziggs.en_US.wad.client newpath = //installed/tmp_extract/WAD/Ziggs.wad.client

 by Adalkio in 13/11/2021

sadly the voice doesn't work :(((

 by okapopo in 04/11/2021

error because voice pls fix

 by alchemist in 15/10/2021

dont woek :(

 by sgfgdf in 05/10/2021

why klee voice doesnt work

 by gajeel in 14/09/2021

yes but the zigg voice does not work

 by marcooppai in 14/09/2021

can you make one without the voice?

 by Koto in 07/09/2021

i get an error when i try to install it

 by Sozachiago in 06/09/2021

Mine doesn't have the voice changed

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