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If you have an error that is not listed or need further help than that, you can ask for help here: DISCORD

Installation issues



Problem: LCS-manager has the status “Waiting for a League match to start” but doesn’t change any of the skins when entering a match.

Solution: Run the tool as an admin, as this is necessary for users who have LCS manager (or maybe League of Legends) installed in a directory with restricted access.
Solution 2: For users without admin access, reinstall or move the affected files into a user made directory on your hard drive (Example: C:NameOfDirectory)

League of Legends crashes randomly on working skins and starts repairing

Problem My League just crashes randomly on random skins that usually work and starts repairing itself.

Solution 1. Close LCS-Manager
2. Initiate Full-Repair in the League of Legends Client
3. Start LCS-Manager and Run again
If it still doesn’t work:
4. Re-download and re-install your mods
If it still doesn’t work:
5. Re-download LCS-Manager

Error Message: AQUIRE LOCK

Problem: LCS-Manager shows the error “Aquire lock” and is basically stuck on running.

Solution: You have another instance of LCS running, you need to close it, if necessary via task-manager.

Error Message: no base .wad found (on audio mods)

Problem I get an error saying “No base .wad found” when I install a mod containing audio changes.

Solution The Mod’s language does not match your installed language.
1. Make sure you downloaded the right language if there are multiple available.
2. Change your LoL language to the right one for the mod.

Error Message: Mods using 3.0 wads need to be re-installed!

Problem I get a Save profile and the log says “Mods using 3.0 wads need to be re-installed!”

Solution If you already updated LCS and League try those steps:

First try to simply re-import your .fantome or .zip mod.

If this doesn’t help:
1. Rename your mod file .fantome to .zip (if it’s not a .zip already, then skip this step)
2. Unpack the .zip
3. Go inside the WAD folder
4. Create a new mod in lcs (click on the 3 lines, click on create a new mod and add at least a mod name)
5. Drag in the .wad.client from inside the WAD folder.
6. Save the mod 7. Activate it and run LCS

Error Message: fwrite(data, 1, size, (FILE*)handle_) = = size

Problem My LCS gives the following error: fwrite(data, 1, size, (FILE*)handle_) = = size

Solution This error means that the Drive your LCS-Manager is on does not have enough space left to run it.
In order to fix, clear up space on the drive or move it to another drive if possible.

Error Message: Not a wad directory

Problem When I import a mod LCS-Manager gives me the error “Not a wad directory”.

Solution You will have to fully uninstall and re-install your League of Legends.
Riot’s Official guide:
(You don’t need to use the Hextech-Repair Tool)

Error Message: Permission denied

Problem When I import a mod LCS-Manager gives me the error “Permission denied”.

IMPORTANT NOTES Before following the instructions make sure to close LCS-Manager, League of Legends and turn off your antivirus. Follow the solutions from the first one and then if the first doesn’t help go to the second one and then the third one.

Solution 1
1. Turn off your antivirus
2. Re-import the mod into LCS-Manager
3. Press Run

Solution 2
1. Go to “installed” folder of lcs
2. There should be a folder “tmp_extract” (sometimes even another one called “tmp_make” in this case delete the “tmp_make” folder).
3. Open the “tmp extract “folder and check if the mod is missing any files (info.json file, folders…) then fill that folder with what’s missing.
4. Rename the “tmp folder” to simply “mod” (or anything you want)
5. Open LCS-Manager
6. Press Run

Solution 3
1. Re-create the mod with the META RAW structure (Instead of the META WAD)
2. Create a .zip file containing both folders
3. Import them into LCS-Manager
4. Press Run

Skin issues

Textures are messed up in-game

Problem: My textures look weird in-game. The custom model works file but it has weird colors and loads the original champion texture.

Solution: Set your character quality in League of Legends to “High or “Very High”.
Solution 2: Follow this video until the skin installation part, as you will need LCS-Manager or Fantome now, to update the textures for “Medium” and “Low/Very Low” quality settings.

Textures are white in-game

Problem My texture is fully white in-game

Solution This error is due to wrong .dds compression. Make sure you export it as BC3/DXT5.
You can find more infos about proper export-settings here.


Problem: My custom skin with a new model crashes in loadingscreen (usually at 60%).
Solution: After Patch 11.3 you have to update .skl files. Check this post:

Remodeled Summoner’s Rift skin – missing models

Problem My Summoner’s Rift skin looks like this, aka it’s missing models:

1. Go to your League of Legends directory, and and open this file in any text editor: Riot Games/League of Legends/Config/Game.cfg
2. Under “[General],” set “PreferDX9LegacyMode” and “PreferOpenGLLegacyMode” to “1”.
If you don’t have these lines of config, add them, following the same format as the others under “[General]”
3. Set “DX11BetaTest” to “0”. If you don’t have this line of config, skip this step. 4. Save the changes you’ve made.

Skin crashes Nexus Blitz, but works fine in normal gamemodes

Problem My custom skin crashes in Nexus Blitz only, but works fine in normal gamemodes

Solution Extra gamemodes (Nexus Blitz, etc.) are disabled by default in LCS-Manager, so the game will crash. To make it function disable “Blacklist extra gamemodes” in the LCS settings.

Creation issues




Problem: League is crashing at 60% or 62% with my custom 3D-model and I already updated the .skl.
Solution: Instead of exporting as .skn directly, export as .fbx. Then delete the old .skn and .skl file, open the .fbx file and then export as .skn again.

Custom model is invisible in-game

Problem My custom model is invisible in-game.


  1. Export your model as .fbx
  2. Close your Maya scene
  3. Make a new scene
  4. Import .fbx
  5. Export as .skn.

If this does not help, you made a mistake on materials. Re-apply them.

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