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What is a Mod?

A mod is a modification for characters, maps, sounds and more in League of Legends.

Is using mods bannable?

Riot’s only statement for this is they put “Custom Skins and mods” in the category “Use-At-Your-Own-Risk”.
There were no bans yet the programs we use (LCS-Manager and Fantome), except on the Korean server.
You can find more info about it here:

What can mods edit?

What we can mod with our tools:

  • Champion default skins
  • Paid champion skins you own
  • Look of champion abilities
  • Champion voicelines
  • Champion ability sounds
  • Champion animations
  • Champion loadingscreen and in-game circles
  • Game announcer
  • Maps (Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss)
  • Maps of extra game-modes (Nexus Blitz, Urf, Ultimate Spellbook, etc.)
  • Map monsters + minions
  • Loading screen background + borders
  • Wardskins
  • TFT
  • Recall effects
  • In-game fonts
  • HUD elements
  • Spell-indicators

What we can’t mod with our tools:

  • Paid Riot skins for free
  • League-client (appearance, fonts, etc.)
  • Champion select (quotes, splasharts, etc.)
  • How the actual game functions
  • How champions function
What mods do we not support in this community?
  • Mods that give you a gameplay-advantage (hitbox indicators, tower range indicators, etc.)
  • Derogatory, racist and otherwise offensive mods
  • NSFW and gore mods
  • Free skins

Using custom skins

Do people see my mods?

No. Only you can see your mods.

In order for others to see them they also need to install LCS-Manager and the same mods.

Can I use mods in ranked games?

Yes you can. There is no difference between ranked / normals or practice tool.

Do I have to open the program every time you want to use a mod?

Yes, otherwise the mods will be not loaded.

Do I need to choose the classic skin?

Depends on the mod you are using. Most custom champion skins replace the base skin, but you will have to read the actual post, it will say under “Mod Information” which skin it replaces.

Can I use multiple mods and skins at once?

Yes, as long as they don’t replace the same files, for example you can’t have 2 HUD mods installed at once, but you can use a custom skins for Yasuo and Evelynn in the same game.

My mod is in .fantome format, can I still use it in LCS-Manager?

Yes, .fantome is both for Fantome and LCS-Manager, as they use the same way of installing mods.


Why is my mod not working in-game?

This only happens when:

  1. The program is not working right now and needs a fix.
  2. The mod you are using is not updated for this patch yet.
  3. Your mod has an incorrect .wad.client name (they are case sensitive!).
  4. League changed up its game files.

Check this post for more in-depth help or ask for help on our Discord server.

Does LCS-Manager work with the newest update?

Normally yes. Make sure you are using the latest versions of either program and check the #announcements channel in our Discord-server to get information about program functionality.
Our frontpage also states the current status of custom skin programs.

Keep in mind that LCS DOES NOT need an update for every new patch.

I have this error that is not listed here!

Make sure to check Error fixes for more in-depth troubleshooting.

You can also ask for help here: Discord

More specific mod questions

Can I make a mod that disables all Riot skins and sets them to default?

In theory possibly yes, but actually:

  1. Way too much work for every single skin (1.3k+ skins plus on average 8 chromas for newer skins)
  2. Would not be perfectly possible on a lot of skins (Legendaries, Ultimates especially)
  3. Would constantly break, probably on every new skin release the champion breaks

Old stuff

What happened to Wooxy?

Wooxy is no longer used for installing custom skins and no longer able to.
You can still use features of the program. You can download it here: Wooxy.
It might trigger your Antivirus, but it is a false positive and not a virus.

What happened to Voxskins?

The website got shut due to hosting issues, we fully transferred over to Killerskins, the same admins and members are still around and old skins were recovered or will be reuploaded.

What happened to Mapskins?

The owner shut it down due to inactivity as custom skins back then were not possible to use for a while.
Old skins were recovered.

What happened to Leaguecraft?

It got shut down due to inactivity most likely, but nobody in this community was really involved in it.
Some skins were recovered.