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Jungle creeps Miscellaneous
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Skin infos

  • Type of miscellaneous Mod: Jungle Monsters
  • Author: Franchlitz
  • Skin Version: 1.0
  • Description: Bring everything back!

Extra infos

  • Ancient Golem: Replaces Krug.
  • Golem: Replaces KrugMini.
  • Giant Wolf: Replaces Murkwolf.
  • Wolf: Replaces MurkwolfMini.
  • Lizard: Replaces Red.
  • Wraith: Replaces Gromp.
  • GreatWraith: Replaces Razorbeak.
  • LesserWraith: Replaces RazorbeakMini.
  • Old Blue: Replaces Blue.
  • Old Baron: Replaces Baron.
  • Old Dragon: Replaces Element Dragons.
  • Jungle Monster’s sounds replaced

  • New Baron death animation still appears.
  • New Rift Herald Mercenary death animation still appears.
  • Dragon Tongue appears in the air.

Screenshots and videos



[28.06.2021] FIrst release


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Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by dingasbot in 20/07/2021

The current downloads won't work! Not sure why this happens, if you could possibly update the downloads that would be great!!

 by Franchlitz in 22/07/2021

Please make sure your browser is not blocking the dropbox link :)

 by Simple in 13/07/2021

I totally agree. It would really nice, if the gromp/wraith camp would be enlarged. Like compared to the original it is much smaller. There is an invisible hitbox cuz of that. Also, I am not sure, if it is only in practice tool or it is in normal games as well, but the spawning animation of Baron/Dragon is pretty bugged. And I get it, before it was no animations at all, but is it possible, instead of still model get a model, only when it is a viable unit?

 by Franchlitz in 20/07/2021

Everything has a fix, will be updated soon!

 by josephpucciarelli in 03/07/2021

Will the wight camp be made larger in the future?

 by Franchlitz in 22/07/2021

I will take note of your comment

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