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Skin infos

  • Type of miscellaneous Mod: Jungle Monsters
  • Author: Franchlitz
  • Skin Version: 1.3
  • Description: Bring everything back!

Extra infos

  • Ancient Golem: Replaces Krug.
  • Golem: Replaces KrugMini.
  • Giant Wolf: Replaces Murkwolf.
  • Wolf: Replaces MurkwolfMini.
  • Lizard: Replaces Red.
  • Wraith: Replaces Gromp.
  • GreatWraith: Replaces Razorbeak.
  • LesserWraith: Replaces RazorbeakMini.
  • Old Blue: Replaces Blue.
  • Old Baron: Replaces Baron.
  • Old Dragon: Replaces Element Dragons.
  • Jungle Monster’s sounds replaced

  • Old Jungle Monster’s sounds missed, will be updated later.
  • Current red’s death appears, will be fixed when i find the code xD.
  • Invisible Baron’s death still there, no clue 🙂.

Screenshots and videos


Version 1.3

[29.05.2022] PATCH 12.10 UPDATED

  • FixedCurrent Rift Herald’s death.
  • FixedWeird texture of Lesser Wraiths.
  • FixedWeird Acient Golem’s yellow particles.
  • ImprovedBetter Baron + Wraith’s animations.
  • ImprovedBaron’s VFX.
  • RemovedOld Jungle Monster’s sounds, will be updated later.
  • ChangedCurrent’s death animation appears, will be fixed when i find the code xD.
Version 1.2.1

[10.12.2021] Patch 11.24 fixed

  • FixedWeird Dragon’s tongue appears in the air
  • ADDEDChemtech dragon and Hextech Dragon
Version 1.2

[29.09.2021] VFX UPDATED

  • FixedWeird Dragon’s tongue appears in the air
  • ADDEDAll old jungle monsters VFX
  • UpdatedElder Lizard’s size, Acient Golem’s size
Version 1.1

[28.09.2021] FIX FOR PATCH 11.19

  • FixedCurrent Baron’s death and Baron’s spawn appearance
  • ADDEDWraith’s attack VFX
  • UpdatedWraith’s size, Golem’s size
Version 1.0

[28.06.2021] FIrst release


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Skin status and what does it mean

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