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Skin infos

  • Type of miscellaneous Mod: Jungle Monsters
  • Author: Franchlitz
  • Skin Version: 1.3
  • Description: Bring everything back!

Extra infos

  • Ancient Golem: Replaces Krug.
  • Golem: Replaces KrugMini.
  • Giant Wolf: Replaces Murkwolf.
  • Wolf: Replaces MurkwolfMini.
  • Lizard: Replaces Red.
  • Wraith: Replaces Gromp.
  • GreatWraith: Replaces Razorbeak.
  • LesserWraith: Replaces RazorbeakMini.
  • Old Blue: Replaces Blue.
  • Old Baron: Replaces Baron.
  • Old Dragon: Replaces Element Dragons.
  • Jungle Monster’s sounds replaced

  • Old Jungle Monster’s sounds missed, will be updated later.
  • Current red’s death appears, will be fixed when i find the code xD.
  • Invisible Baron’s death still there, no clue 🙂.

Screenshots and videos


Version 1.3

[29.05.2022] PATCH 12.10 UPDATED

  • FixedCurrent Rift Herald’s death.
  • FixedWeird texture of Lesser Wraiths.
  • FixedWeird Acient Golem’s yellow particles.
  • ImprovedBetter Baron + Wraith’s animations.
  • ImprovedBaron’s VFX.
  • RemovedOld Jungle Monster’s sounds, will be updated later.
  • ChangedCurrent’s death animation appears, will be fixed when i find the code xD.
Version 1.2.1

[10.12.2021] Patch 11.24 fixed

  • FixedWeird Dragon’s tongue appears in the air
  • ADDEDChemtech dragon and Hextech Dragon
Version 1.2

[29.09.2021] VFX UPDATED

  • FixedWeird Dragon’s tongue appears in the air
  • ADDEDAll old jungle monsters VFX
  • UpdatedElder Lizard’s size, Acient Golem’s size
Version 1.1

[28.09.2021] FIX FOR PATCH 11.19

  • FixedCurrent Baron’s death and Baron’s spawn appearance
  • ADDEDWraith’s attack VFX
  • UpdatedWraith’s size, Golem’s size
Version 1.0

[28.06.2021] FIrst release


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Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Oblska in 05/06/2022

It gives me error when i try to use this mode while using old rift map mode, am i doing something wrong? or i cant use same?

 by Killerskins in 06/06/2022

Hi!Feel free to ask for help on our discord server

 by crooked man in 27/05/2022

my game crashes when jungle camps spawn in

 by Franchlitz in 29/05/2022

Fixed :D!

 by Paul in 26/03/2022

please give version without dragon, i want to see dragons..

 by dass in 11/03/2022

Jg monsters are in .zip, what do I have to do

 by Yoru in 13/03/2022

drag and dorp it into lcs, zip files are mods too

 by tom Neijensteijn in 18/01/2022

awesome mod, thanks !

 by sharkinator1337 in 30/09/2021

sadly updated blue buff now is to small (i assume this is why the coloring still looks off too) and the golems all are the same size which looks like middle golem size so if that is possible maybe increase the size of the big golem and reduce the size of the low health small golems great work on the gromp size adjustment and dragon bug fixes big fan of this custom skin keep up the good work

 by ShikakuSky in 24/09/2021

The size of Red Buff + Blue Buff is so Big + Size of golems is too small and the Size of gromp it's so small. (there is a bug at drake's head when you attack it)

 by Franchlitz in 29/09/2021

Updated! :D

 by Psaroh in 10/09/2021

it doesn't work for me in the new patch

 by Franchlitz in 29/09/2021

Updated! :D

 by benjathjebenjathje in 09/08/2021

Can you please upload it to Google Drive or Mediafire? Dropbox is extremely slow to download and it just throws an error.

 by dingasbot in 20/07/2021

The current downloads won't work! Not sure why this happens, if you could possibly update the downloads that would be great!!

 by Franchlitz in 22/07/2021

Please make sure your browser is not blocking the dropbox link :)

 by Simple in 13/07/2021

I totally agree. It would really nice, if the gromp/wraith camp would be enlarged. Like compared to the original it is much smaller. There is an invisible hitbox cuz of that. Also, I am not sure, if it is only in practice tool or it is in normal games as well, but the spawning animation of Baron/Dragon is pretty bugged. And I get it, before it was no animations at all, but is it possible, instead of still model get a model, only when it is a viable unit?

 by Franchlitz in 20/07/2021

Everything has a fix, will be updated soon!

 by Franchlitz in 29/09/2021

Updated! :D

 by josephpucciarelli in 03/07/2021

Will the wight camp be made larger in the future?

 by Franchlitz in 22/07/2021

I will take note of your comment

 by Franchlitz in 29/09/2021

Updated! :D

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