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Currently used file formats:

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MANIFEST stores all files from Riot Games games like League of Legends, Valorant or Legends of Runeterra.
There are tools that use this to download specific files from it, the patcher from League of Legends for example.


Those files contain all the information about something, for example Aatrox.wad.client contains all his .bins, all his textures, models, sounds etc.

They can be edited with Obsidian.



SKN (Skin File) is just the 3D-model of the league character. This includes also materials and UVs. SKL (Skeleton File) is the skeleton of the character. .Anm Files work with them.

Skeleton only (SKL)

Skin File with Skeleton (SKN + SKL)


UV mapping is the 3D modeling process of projecting a 2D image to a 3D model’s surface for texture mapping.


These are the animation files for League skin files. Combined with SKN and SKL it will animate the character.


These files are models used for the particle system. They can also include skeletons which can be animated by .anm files in the .bin file format.



DDS (Direct Draw Surface): This is the image format that Riot and most game developers use.
These can be edited with Photoshop, Paint or Gimp with plugins.

There are mostly 2 different compressions needed:
BC1/DXT1: No alpha, aka no transparency is possible ( can be used for maps/champion textures, etc.)
BC3/DXT5: Alpha, has transparency (must be used for most particles)
Generally you can always use BC3/DXT5.


TGA or Targa is not used that often, but you might still come across one.
It can also be edited in Photoshop, Gimp, etc.

Examples: Cursors



Riot stores all the code information for champions, maps, sounds, particles etc. in .bin files.

This is how it looks like in skin0.bin (default skin)

Materials.bin includes: Materials, Particles, Sounds and more. All of them will be added to maps like Summoner’s Rift.

This is how it looks like in base_srx.materials.bin (Elemental Rift)

The old Particle format is used for old particles. Only ~5% of the troybin files are still used (E.g.: Recall).
Champion and map particles are now stored in .bin files.



Is the sound file format that Riot and some other developers use.

Bnk is a whole soundbank, i.e. it contains all of the sound effects for a champion.


.wem files are the actual sound clips that are inside the sound bank.



MAPGEO (MapGeometry) is the current map format.
The map folder changed from levels to assets and data. Texture files are included in the assets structure and map files in the data structure.
Mapgeo loads the particles in the .materials.bin file next to the mapgeo file.
The new format uses a Layer format to load more maps.

NVR (old)

NVR (SimpleEnvironment) is the first map format that Riot used.
Old Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline used for example this map format.
Texture Files are included in the textures folder where also the current .nvr file is.
Particles and lights are placed in the .dat format.
All of the lights are dynamic.

wgeo (old)

WGEO (WorldGeometryMap) is the second map format Riot used.
It was first used on the New Summoner Rift in S5.
This format has the same texture structure.
The lighting is fully baked into the textures which makes a better performance. But it takes more time to add light into the map.
Particles are still loaded in the .dat files.

dat (old)

.dat was used for the old light and particle position in the map.
Includes: location, rotation, scaling, color (For light only).
Location, rotation and scaling (Particles only)

Riot now added these to the .materials.bin files for each map


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