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Maps Summoner's Rift
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This Rift is working but is missing the new dragon’s & also the new event structures! Since Riot is uncapable of updating their practice tool, this update will take longer than expected!!

Mod information

  • Map: Coven VS Union
  • Author: Instabuy
  • Skin version: 1.1
  • Description: Which side will take over? Find it out, with this mapskin!


  • Supports all texture quality settings
  • Edited map textures
  • Edited elemental map textures
  • Edited Legacy Sound
  • Edited minions
  • Edited jungle creeps
  • New models
  • Edited Map11.bin
  • Edited base & worlds materials .bin

Known issues

  • Trophy stands missing textures – missing
  • Inhibitor & Nexus destoryed gem particle textures – missing

Time to greet the cold days! With Autumn Xayah!


This is a PLAYLIST! u can simply skip through!

Dragon Rift Transitions
Minions 2.0 – custom made
Relative Teamcolors option

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The perfect fitting HUD for this mapskin!

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[25.10.2021] Minions 2.0 | Quality of Life & Preseason prepare patch

  • This update is essential
  • Updated
  • Minions 2.0! Completely overhauled, less distracting, keeps your muscle memory but still fancy!
  • Improved
  • Structure textures (Turrets, Inhibitors, Nexus) improved lighting & gem textures
  • -> Made the orange side a little softer & the purple side more dark, also reduced noisy textures
  • Added
  • Full support for “Relative Teamcolors” option, if this is turned on, the colors swap (see in the video above)
  • Plants (Satchel, Vision & Health) now recolored
  • removed
  • Mist (Fog) around the Union Nexus & on the purple Fountain turret, lets keep it real, it looked off & like a bad haircut so i scrapped it (for now?)
  • Older & unused files

[20.10.2021] Fix for Patch 11-20-21

  • Fixed
  • missing textures on mapobjectives
  • removed
  • loadingscreen circle to assure HUD compatibility

[17.10.2021] FIrst release

  • Added
  • Full Maptiles in every quality setting
  • same for creeps/ monsters/ minions/ objectives
  • Music


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 by Mateus Oliveira da Rocha in 06/11/2021

The map doesnt work anymore?

 by Instabuy in 06/11/2021

It does.

easily my favorite map skin now that the minions are readable

 by Instabuy in 31/10/2021


 by fernbacher in 22/10/2021

I dont like any of them personally, hard to adapt to other minions after so many years of the same ones. But the cannon may be the worse, cant even tell which one it is unless you AA it and you see its way tankier

gotta echo everyone else here. love the way it looks but the minions make csing just a little hard because of muscle memory on normal minion hitboxes. the minions look good dont get me wrong but i'd like a version with either recolored base minions or no minion changes at all

 by John in 21/10/2021

This map is very cool, but like the others, cannons and minions are not the best. I mean, it's an amazing design, however, during gameplay its kinda hard to adapt. I guess others feel the same. I guess if you just change the minions to a goblin, maybe? and put a pumpkin hat, but maintain the shape of minions as the same, we don't want a skin to mess with the gameplay (this ruins the skin). But i love all the map, even the minions besides the fact that they are hard to deal and distinguish, and even the drake animations (i also use the HUD)

 by Kaloyan in 21/10/2021

The map is great, but for some reason it doesnt work with any hud i apply, even the "Coven Vs Union" Hud

 by Instabuy in 22/10/2021

Thats strange, did u make sure to update BOTH mods? Since they received an update to fix this exact issue =) Regards!

 by fernbacher in 21/10/2021

Great map and the hud works well, combined with the runeterra splash art and stuff, good stuff. But the minions are horrible. I hope you remove or rework them

 by Instabuy in 21/10/2021

What Part of the minions you dont like? ^^ All of them or just a few? Thank you for the feedback =)!

 by Ashley in 21/10/2021

I really like this map a lot, I'd suggest changing the cannon minion though, it's really hard to tell them apart from the caster minions, even if it's just a color swap.

 by Instabuy in 21/10/2021

Thx 4 the feedback! Yeah the canons are more like a placeholder & iam already working on a fix for them ^^

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