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Miscellaneous Recalls
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  • Type of miscellaneous change: Recall VFX & Sound
  • HUD/UI theme name: Bilgewater Recall
  • Author: Instabuy
  • Skin Version: 1.0.2
  • Description: Dont loose your head with this recall!

Sentinel Ezreal is hitting the Rift! Get ready to fight the ruination!
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Classic Recall

Baron Recall


Other Stuff by Me

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Bronze HUD

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Winterwonder Mapskin

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Bilgewater Recall

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Frostvoid Aatrox

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Iridescent Kayle

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Sentinel Ezreal

Fight the ruination here!

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FIrst release

  • Added
  • Visuals for classic recall
  • Sound FX for classic recall
  • Visuals for baron recall
  • Sound FX for baron recall


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 by Djowey Vokun in 14/04/2021

Amazing work! But where is the link to that BIlgewater summoners rift map :0 Saw it on a youtube vid for 2021 news but my god its so beautiful

 by Instabuy in 15/04/2021

Its not out yet :D & also its not done by me ^^ But dont worry it might be sooner than u think :D Also thx for the feedback! I really appreciate it :3

 by Djowey Vokun in 18/04/2021

aaaa hypeedd

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