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  • Champion Replaced: “Minions”
  • Skin Replaced: “Default minions”
  • Author: “ironman2ken”
  • Skin Version: “1.2”
  • Description: “This skin replace the default minion models an animations”


Shen as – Melee minions

Jhin as – Range minions

Nasus as – Super minions

Zed as – Siege minion

Works on SR, ARAM and Nexus Siege maps.





[12.23.2020] FIrst release

  • AddedTextures were recolored
  • ADDED Updated to work with patch 11.6+
  • CHANGE Change the scaling (size) for Chaos range, melee minions models


[08.17.2021] updated for patch [11.16+]

  • UpdatedParticles for Ranged minions
  • UpdatedParticles for Siege minions
  • FixedChaos range minion size
  • ADDEDLow texture support added
  • ADDEDZed as siege minion
  • CHANGEDAttack Speed of range minions slightly increased
  • RemovedRazorfin as siege minion R.I.P you belong to Bildgewater


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 by yukaru in 31/05/2022

For some reason the red side caster minions have the opposite Jhin textures (friendly -> red, enemy -> blue). Any idea on how to fix this?

 by yukaru in 31/05/2022

For some reason the red side caster minions have the blue Jhin textures for me. Any idea on how to fix this?

 by Sorix in 05/02/2021

Would we be able to get a jungle creep version? Melee: Murkwolves Caster: Raptors/ Wraiths Cannon: Gromp Siege: Smaller Drake

 by Vincent Alvarez in 24/02/2021

I wish we could see this...

 by ironman2ken40 in 04/03/2021

I could look into that after posting another - minion mod.

 by GreenTiger209 in 28/01/2021

How can i activate this mod?

 by Enzo in 18/01/2021

it's perfect <3

 by Enzo in 18/01/2021

thats the best idea i ever seen, i love this and makes me happy, haha

 by Enzo Sebastián CONDE SABATINI in 18/01/2021

thats the best idea i ever seen, i love this and makes me happy, haha

 by ironman2ken40 in 24/12/2020

Thanks for feedback, I'll look in those champs you suggested. Krisp -"maybe a champion that rides something" Other champions that can be qualified are as follows. Hecarim Rell Kled

 by Krisp in 24/12/2020

Just an idea but for the siege minions, I was thinking maybe Tristana since she has a cannon or maybe a champion that rides something, like Sejuani.

 by GreenTiger209 in 28/01/2021

I think corki would be a better idea for canons

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