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Sailor VS Pirates is the final version of the first gangplank mod. Set sail, protect your ship as sailors or take every thing as a pirate arrrrrrrr !



  • Moded minions will show up on the following maps [SR & AR]
  • Skin was fixed to work for patch 11.21+
  • Skin Replaced: “All Minions”
  • Author: “Ironman2ken”
  • Skin Version: “1.8”
  • Description: “Minions are replaces with champion models”


  1. Minuteman Gangplank and Gangplank as Melee Minions
  2. Sailor Gangplank and Toy Solider as Range Minions
  3. Pirate Ryze as Siege Minions
  4. Illaoi tentacles as Super Minions





[10.24.2021] updated for patch [11.21+]

  • UpdatedParticles for Ranged Minions
  • UpdatedParticles for Siege Minions
  • UpdatedParticles for Baron Buff Minions
  • CHANGEDChange Siege Minions Trails length.


08.11.2021 Updated for Patch 11.16

  • FIXEDGold coins sound effect when last hitting minions is swapped with old GP audio files works on patch 11.16


08.05.2021 Updated for Patch 11.15

  • ADDED Support for low textures qualities.


Updated for Patch 11.7

  • CHANGEDChaos Super minion tentacle as void Illaoi minion .
  • CHANGEDChaos Range minion model size adjusted.
  • CHANGEDVolume of audio GP coin audio increase.
  • FIXEDGold coins sound effect when last hitting minions is swapped with old GP audio files works on patch 11.7


FIrst release 03.23.2021

  • AddedFirst release
  • CHANGED Health Bar heights adjusted.
  • CHANGED Attack speed animation of Illaoi minion increased & reduced the size of Model to fit gameplay.
  • CHANGED Also cannon minion Ryze model size adjusted.
  • CHANGED Gold coins sound effect when last hitting minions is swapped with old GP audio files


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 by leikkrr in 01/10/2021

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 by parmin in 02/06/2021

update please

 by ironman2ken in 02/06/2021

What's wrong because the mod is working as of patch 11.11

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