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Mod information

  • Champion: Karma
  • Modified skin: Sakura (some particles will affect other skins)
  • Author: Karma Enthusiast
  • Skin Version: 1.0
  • In order to use this skin, you need to own Sakura Karma and select it in champion select.


  • “New” model and texture (only applies to “with Cape” version)
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified particles
  • Modified animations (recall)


  • Credit to Beardilocks for showcasing their immense talent with VFX creation via Karma.

Additional Installation Instructions

There are two different versions of this skin: Sakura Karma VFX Correction with Cape, and Sakura Karma VFX Correction without Cape. The names are self explanatory, but for some context, when Riot first VGUd Karma, they originally planned on making all of her pre-rework skins use capes, but quickly changed their mind when they saw backlash, and recreated them (specifically, Sakura and Traditional) as dress skins. Sakura Karma VFX Correction with Cape uses the Sakura Karma model Riot initially released on the PBE, where her outfit matched the style of her new base appearance, whereas Sakura Karma VFX Correction without Cape uses Karma’s current model. Both are shown in the video; feel free to choose whichever you prefer, but they obviously can’t be ran at the same time.

No, I can’t bring the fans from current Sakura Karma and put them on the cape form, because it requires UV editing, something I’m unfamiliar with.

Important usage information

  • Because I couldn’t be asked to rename and reroute particles exclusively for Sakura Karma, this skin will affect any other Karma skins that draw off of her base particles.


Download and Socials

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the additional installation instructions of this mod in order to install it properly.

IMPORTANT: This skin only works if you own Sakura Karma and select it in champion select.



[03.03.2022] FIrst release


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Safety of mods – can you get banned?

Now, you might be concerned about the safety of using mods and custom skins in a competitive online-game.

That’s why we compiled all information we have in this post:

Bugs and errors

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Mod status and what does it mean

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