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Mod information

  • UI theme name: Sentinel Vayne Icons and Splash Art
  • Author: KCMasterz
  • Mod version: 1.0
  • Description: Changes Vayne’s icons as well as the Loading Screen Splash Art


This Mod modifies:

  • Vayne’s minimap icon
  • Vayne’s killfeed icon
  • Vayne’s skill icons
  • Sentinel Vayne’s loading screen splash art

Additional installation instructions

Clicking the Download button will take you to a folder that branches out into several mod options.
N.B. Each file that’s not in the base folder has modded the loading screen splash art, only the base file’s splash art is unchanged. Pick the file that best suits your taste.

For Example:

  1. If you just want the modded Ability and Champion Icons without the Splash Art change, click the first download option.
  2. If you own the Sentinel Vayne Event Border, click the second download option. There’s a folder called User Has Event Border, download the version you want from there.
    (Note this only changes the loading screen to the Bordered Version or Unbordered Version if you already own the Event Border :D!)


Video to further showcase the changed ability icons

Download and Socials

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the additional installation instructions of this mod in order to install it properly.

NOTE: This is a Google Drive Link. Just click on the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner and don’t mess with the single files in the overview.



[3.4.2023] FIrst release


This tutorial works for ALL types of mods you can find on this website.

Exception: The mod has “Additional installation instructions” on the post! Then you might have to do additional steps.

Safety of mods – can you get banned?

Now, you might be concerned about the safety of using mods and custom skins in a competitive online-game.

That’s why we compiled all information we have in this post:

Bugs and errors

All mods currently on this page should work for every patch, unless the mod status states otherwise.
HOWEVER: We still recommend you try every mod in a custom game first before going into PVP.
If you are sure the mod itself has issues, even though you installed it correctly, please let us know in our Discord!

Make sure to check out our FAQ and Error fixes to solve any issues you might have.
If your problem still persists, join our Discord and ask in the #help channel.

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