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Mod information

  • Champion: Fizz
  • Modified skin: Default
  • Author: Kingshound
  • Skin Version: 2.0
  • Description: Gura cute.


  • New model and texture
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified loading screen
  • New voiceover
  • New Chromas
  • Modified in-game icons



This skin includes 2 things which are the base mod (which is the .fantome file) and the Custom Voiceover Pack folder which contains the custom voiceover files.

  1. Download the base mod
  2. Download the language file which matches your server, client & game language (check the overview of language codes here)
  3. Import base mod into LCS
  4. Click on “Edit this mod”
  5. Go to the “Files” tab
  6. Import your language file (Drag and drop or “Add WAD”)
  7. Close “Edit mod” window
  8. Activate mod and press “Run” to use the mod


Download and Socials

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the additional installation instructions of this mod in order to install it properly.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to have Fizz Scorched (Red and Dark Blue) in order to use the chromas

NOTE: This is a Google Drive Link. Just click on the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner and don’t mess with the single files in the overview.




  • FixedVoicelines now work on howling abyss


  • removed Removed EN_US voicepack from original fantome file to prevent issues

[31.03.2022] Ουδέν κακόν αμιγές καλού

  • Changed Loading Screen Image now has new art
  • Changed Trident is now based on her official art rather than a recolor of Fizz’s trident
  • Added New icons for skills, passive and champion portrait
  • Added Red chroma based on her streams as Red Gura and Gura Alter chroma based on the reflect music video

[24.12.2021] Language support fix

  • FixedLanguage files fixed and tested


[17.12.2021] Langauge support

  • AddedSupport for all languages

[12.11.2021] FIrst release


This tutorial works for ALL types of mods you can find on this website.

Exception: The mod has “Additional installation instructions” on the post! Then you might have to do additional steps.

Bugs and errors

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Mod status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.

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 by Demigod Radahn in 11/05/2022

I found a fix for those in euw who have an issue with the voice not working. What i did was download both files then drag the Smol Gura Fizz file into the launcher, clicked edit this mod, went to files, then dragged the Gura.en_us.wad there thats all

 by AstralAstrea in 31/03/2022

hello. little astrea here if there is still any people getting the same error with the language thing, remember to set the filename like this > Fizz.pt_BR.wad.client wrong = Fizz.pt_br.wad.client right = Fizz.pt_BR.wad.client i don't know righfully if this will work 100%, but the way i fixed for another languages was something like that: 1 - download the mod and extract the .fantome file (i used 7zip) 2 - go inside the folder extracted and go inside "wad" 3 - download the wad soundfile from the modder googledrivefolder of you your own language, for example; mine was pt_br 4 - delete the en_US one and replace it by the one you downloaded 5 - remember to rename the file and set it like (xx_XX) and NOT by (xx_xx), for exemple (pt_BR) and not (pt_br) for the ending part zip the folder you've made with the changes trow it at lcs manager and hopefully it works! like mine... i hope this helps someone

 by StaringTime in 10/03/2022

Even the model can't work after changing zh_tw

 by Rigby565 in 04/03/2022

Wich archive i need to use if im in méxico?

 by Kingshound in 04/03/2022


 by Kamikoshi in 18/02/2022

This mod does not working on CN sever. Please help!

 by Vloor in 15/02/2022

I can't use this mod it always tells me "No base .wad Found!" I have tried changing several times to Spanish (I use the LAN client)

 by Kingshound in 16/02/2022

do you get this error when you install the spanish voice lines or when starting up a game?

 by Sucukcu_Dragon in 10/02/2022

tr_TR is not working :/

 by muraningu in 04/02/2022

The doesn't work,please fix

 by Kingshound in 05/02/2022

Just updated, try it again

 by alberth in 15/01/2022

It always gives me an error, and I don't know what it can be, it tells me to change to the client's language (and I'm from South Latin America, but I don't know if I know the correct file to change it) please help

 by Lordzast in 14/01/2022

Can someone teach me how to mod in jp server and still have voice?

 by Gabre (@Gabremon) in 03/01/2022

So, which soundfile do I use when I play on english on the EUW sever? Using any of the 4 "en_" files causes and error.

 by Kingshound in 04/01/2022

It depends on your client's language, there are tutorials online to show you how to find it

 by Otto Borchardt in 03/01/2022

idn what should i do ( No base .wad found! Problem in mod: Smol Gura Fizz with sound V1.0.0 by Kingshound (1)

 by christ in 25/12/2021

so im seeing both fizz en_us.wad.client and also fizz.wad.client i tried to delete each one of them and replace it with the en_ph one and it kept saying no base wad. found. the skin works but not the sound

 by Yoru in 25/12/2021

whats your server and client language

 by Acrex Tobias in 29/12/2021

PH Server

 by Ivan-Kun in 24/12/2021

if I change the language of league to english I have to do the sound part?

 by Kingshound in 24/12/2021

if you are playing in the U.S, you don't have to.

 by Awa boubou in 21/12/2021

Hello, the mod's sounds don't seem to work on the japanese client. I've replace the mod's en_US in the LCS with the file ja_JP provided on the drive, and the gamesounds are still those of fizz's japanese voice. The model works, just not the voice

 by foiscs in 21/12/2021

I changed the sound file but the fizz voice didn't change. Sound file is ko_KR version.

 by Karedo in 20/12/2021

I tried to put es_MX but it doesn't function.

 by Veltura in 20/12/2021

the sound does not want to work for the fr_FR version. I tried to change the language but the file becomes en_EU

 by David Pintarič in 19/12/2021

what sound file is for eu west since none of them say eu west

 by Yoru in 20/12/2021

you chose your client language.

 by Kadarin in 12/12/2021

Dude, you could also replace the normal fizz ult shark with Bloop!! That would be amazing! Also congrats I really loved the skin <3

 by xGharra1337_ in 09/12/2021

could you do voice for poland pls ?

 by Takodoochi in 09/12/2021

Well I have 2 problems with the mod (possibly 3) 1. It is that I get an error when trying to run the skin something from .Wad, I don't know what it is. 2. I think it is outdated someone could help me?

 by Oumae in 08/12/2021

Could we get this but without the sounds?

 by Kingshound in 09/12/2021

you can remove the sounds by pressing edit this mod in the launcher, go to files, and press the x on Fizz.en_US.wad.client

 by DD in 06/12/2021

can you make Fizz.vn_VN.wad.client

 by Kiyoshi Shiro in 05/12/2021

im playing in vietnam server and lol is published by garena and somehow i can't mod skin gura

 by judd221 in 14/12/2021

There is a tutorial on YT about using custom skins on the Garena servers.

 by Kingshound in 04/12/2021

Looks like you installed the mod twice so delete one copy and see if that works

 by Bruh in 22/11/2021

Bugged: Mod ingame voice not working =)) same old fizz voice

 by bruh in 22/11/2021

same to me

 by xGharra1337_ in 15/11/2021

could you do this voice for pl version of lol pls

 by Tuna in 15/11/2021

can you show me how to make the voice pack support other sever?

 by mestrabatata in 14/11/2021

I can't use the skin, it's giving an error

 by Kingshound in 14/11/2021

try going into the LCS client, press the edit this mod icon (looks like a paper and pencil) --> files --> delete the Fizz.en_US.wad.client by pressing the x and try running it. the voices only support en_US

 by Dom in 14/11/2021

i have the same problem can the author show us how to fix it?

 by aqua in 14/11/2021

i can hear gura sound

 by moavie in 13/11/2021

Why I cannot hear Gura sound? The skin was modded succesfully but the sound is still original.

 by Bruh in 22/11/2021

Fix without voice ingame : you must change the language client to EN => work to me

 by AstralAstrea in 13/11/2021

Do I have the right to beg in this part of the comments? Absolutely loved these two skins! Can you think of maybe making a skin of Quinn based on Nanashi Mumei? I don't think that there's a model of her made by @seafoamboi yet, but it would be a good idea when it came out. (And it would be insincere of me to say that I wouldn't bow down for a skin like that). Anyway, excellent work on these two skins! I'm pretty sure I won't be the only person to admire them.

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