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Champion voices Mods Sounds


Skin information

  • Sounds replaced: All Champion voices
  • Author: Kyohyun
  • Skin Version: 10.0


  • Available for the following languages: English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Spain, Spanish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.
    (If your language is unavailable, message me on Discord)
  • Replaces all voice lines to Japenese for all champions

Screenshots and Videos



[08.09.2022] 12.14 Nilah Update

  • Updated Updated all skins to patch 12.14
  • Added Nilah Voices

[02.22.2022] Renata update

  • Updated Updated all skins to patch 12.4
  • Added Renata Voices

[01.20.2022] Zeri Update

  • Updated Updated all skins to patch 12.2
  • Added Zeri Voices

[09.25.2021] Update

  • AddedVex and new skins

[08.19.2021] update

  • Fixed  Akshan and skin lines


  • AddedGwen Voices


  • Added Space Groove Skins


  • AddedNew Languages + Battle Academia Skin Line (Caitlyn/Garen/Leona/Wukong/Yone)


  • AddedVeigo wasnt Japanese


First release

  • AddedPatch 11.4 all champ audio


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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by NextGen7274 in 10/08/2022

Will it update to Russian? And thanks for new version <3

 by Kyohyun in 11/08/2022


 by Moonzyto in 09/08/2022

The download crashes after i download 1.3GO every time

 by Kyohyun in 09/08/2022

It seems to be a personal Internet problem, Sorry I cant help you with that.

 by Jamizi in 05/08/2022

hi i really love playing with japanese voice and love your work and can you update it on vietnam sever? thannks again

 by Kyohyun in 05/08/2022


 by HorrorWolf in 05/08/2022

finally, i'm waiting for thai version.

 by Kyohyun in 05/08/2022


 by Diego Valle in 13/07/2022

Hi! I'm from South America and I love your work with the Japanese voice mods (announcer/champions). I just would like to know when the voice of the champions in Japanese will be updated for the latest patch - 12.13 (at least for the Spanish-es_mx version) :(. Anyway, thanks for your attention and I look forward to your response.

 by Kyohyun in 03/08/2022

Its been updated for Es-Mx

 by Roshi in 13/07/2022

Will this get updated in the future? Would be nice to get a 12.13 update.

 by Kyohyun in 03/08/2022

Currently only English and Spanish(ES-MX) has been updated.

 by NextGen7274 in 11/07/2022

will it update for next 12.13 patch?

 by Kyohyun in 03/08/2022

Currently English and Spanish(es_mx) is updated.

 by HorrorWolf in 27/06/2022

why Aatrox is not speaking or talking any interactions

 by Kyohyun in 03/08/2022


 by Drench in 08/05/2022

Some Riven modded skins don't seem to have any sound, unsure which mod is causing it.

 by Yoru in 27/05/2022

a lot of the old riven mods are probably broken

 by Adrielle Cristobal in 27/04/2022

i hope its just mine because my aatrox IS japanese with the sound effects but he is not talking and speaking and i dont know why

 by kyuuls in 15/04/2022

thanks for the good work!

 by DyonisX in 05/04/2022

Will you update it to add the new MF skin? 12.6

 by Sara Sofia Diaz Palacin in 26/03/2022

Hello, the mod does not appear in Japanese :c

 by Kyohyun in 29/03/2022

Dm me in discord

 by ĐỨc Vũ Trọng in 18/03/2022

does this mod conflict with other voice mod?

 by Kyohyun in 29/03/2022

Some mods might conflict with it

 by valerie241 in 23/02/2022

Please release the new version faster

 by Kyohyun in 24/02/2022

its updated, sorry for the wait

 by ScorpionX3 in 22/02/2022

its Outdated

 by Kyohyun in 24/02/2022

its been updated

 by izan valverde in 22/01/2022

im from spain and dont work idk why

 by Kyohyun in 26/01/2022

message me in discord please.

 by ZockerFTTS in 07/01/2022

Can someone do russian champion sound too?

 by Kyohyun in 20/01/2022

Russian version has been added

 by Pinguwashi in 04/01/2022

It dont work on spanish version, it says no base .wad found, i have the game in spanish

 by Kyohyun in 20/01/2022

Are you sure its spanish and not spain? Msg me on discord if it doesnt work.

 by Komrade_k4t in 03/01/2022

Hello im using custom skins with custom vo. So is it possible for upload every champ vo individually ? thx forwardly the answer (sorry for bad english)

 by darude sandstorm in 07/12/2021

doesn't work </3 please fix it if possible

 by Kyohyun in 25/12/2021

it seems to be working fine. Are you using a newer skin? PLease message me in discord

 by ken1478 in 24/11/2021

Is it available for china server? I downloaded the fantome with the name of chinese but it seems not working.

 by Kyohyun in 25/11/2021

message me on discord

 by Malgo_14 in 23/11/2021

Why my pc say this thing it's dangerous? a friend install it and he says to my it was a troyano

 by Yoru in 23/11/2021

We check content before it is published, so no, it is safe.

 by Tee Kien in 11/10/2021

Title: Japanese champions audio Link: No Japanese audio mod *Sadge*

 by Casi in 08/10/2021


 by Nimishai in 25/09/2021

Thank you !! can you tell us when u are going to had vex voice ? it's my new waifu (thank you for ur work)

 by Talon (@Talon24415092) in 19/09/2021

Can u make Chinese voice pls :>

 by Fezix in 06/09/2021

I can't even download it

 by gabuzza in 13/08/2021

uhm, i can't find japanese language in your mediafire folder

 by emmeligommeli in 22/07/2021

does it still work

 by foot fetishist in 18/07/2021

would you be kind enough to add the ability for us to choose certain champions to replace?

 by Ren_Holens in 04/07/2021

is it worth waiting for an update?

 by ManaosVoladora in 09/06/2021

Any way to only replace a certain champ voice?

 by Puol in 30/05/2021

Link Dea!!!!! This site can’t be reached Cant Download

 by Domenic in 13/05/2021

It works perfectly well - if the tft voices would be in japanese to it would be godly

 by Stephugi in 25/04/2021

hey, i tried to add the english version but it say that a base.wad file is missing. i changed the game language to english but it doesn't work. pls help me, i don't know what to do.

 by Kyohyun in 27/04/2021

Are you using fantome?

 by Stephugi in 27/04/2021

no i'm using LCS

 by SleepyPhil in 21/04/2021

Can you make that support Thai version? (Example of the files Zed.th_TH.wad)

 by James in 02/04/2021

Thank you very much

 by Ararva in 29/03/2021

Ru ver. don`t installing. LOG: mz_zip_reader_init_file(&zip_archive, paths.c_str(), 0) LCS::ModUnZip::ModUnZip:22: this->path_ = "D:\\Temp\\JapaneseСhampVoice.fantome" LCS::ModIndex::install_from_zip:69: this->path_ = "E:\\LoL Custom Skin\\installed" srcpath = "D:/Temp/JapaneseСhampVoice.fantome"

 by Kyohyun in 30/03/2021

dm me in discord jonohuni#1190

 by Lans in 27/03/2021

Can i get the ru version? Discord link doesn't work

 by Kyohyun in 27/03/2021

Just add me manually (jonohuni#1190)

 by Sm1rnoff in 24/03/2021

I follow all the steps in fantome and lcs but it didn't work. I also tried to execute like administrator but it didn't matter

 by Yoru in 24/03/2021

is your league in english

 by Qotsa in 23/03/2021

I've switched to my euw account and mod have been succesfull there. But I want it to work on my Turkish account, how can I do it? Help please

 by Yoru in 24/03/2021

the mod only works for english language

 by Qotsa in 25/03/2021

can you make it work for other languages too, please?

 by Kyohyun in 25/03/2021

I have updated the mod to accommodate other languages. Please let me know if you need any other languages.

 by Qotsa in 26/03/2021

I've tried the turkish version you uploaded but it gives this error

 by Kyohyun in 26/03/2021

Dm me on discord

 by user in 21/03/2021

how do i install this on my lcs manager, its a .fantome file not a .zip file.

 by Yoru in 21/03/2021

the newest version of lcs-manager loads .fantome files.

 by Wlad in 07/03/2021

Finally Ty so much

 by fords in 01/03/2021

does its work on LCS? or only fantome work?

 by Yoru in 01/03/2021

All mods work for both programs.

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