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Howling Abyss Maps Mods




  • Map Replaced: “ARAM”
  • Models added?: “Yes”
  • Edited Map12.bin?: “Yes”
  • Author: “Leischii”
  • Skin Version: “1.6.6”
  • Description: “Brings back Butchers Bridge to ARAM”
  • Size: “~24mb”
  • Bugs: See “Bug List” section


The map features:

  • A Bilgewater mapskin with textures and particle effects
  • Bilgewater music
  • Gangplank announcer or Pyke announcer (Can be turned off in the ingame sound settings)
  • New turrets, inhibitors, nexus and shops for both teams (Includes models, animations, particles and sounds)
  • Poros replaced with wharf rats (Don’t let them bite you)
  • Snowball summoner spell has been replace with orange and ships, just like in the original version.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to:

  • Scrafty, for helping me add the shopkeeper VO
  • Yoru, for helping me fix the turret explosions
  • Reinforced Soul, for helping me restore the bw version of the snowball summoner spell


Shark levelprop

Bug list

Here is a list of every problem that I know of that are still present. Feel free to leave a comment when you find a bug that is not on that list.

  • A few levelprops are still missing. These don’t work with the workaround (Shadowsharks/Bottles)
  • The ship sailing on the river is not synced with the bridge door. Ship might sail through the door.
  • Background Levelprops may flicker when moving the camera. If this is irritating you, you can turn those levelprops off by turning off the “Eyecandy” option in the video settings.
  • Transitions from turret to destroyed turret don’t overlap correctly.
  • Cast effect for chaos turret is missing. Waiting for Riot to fix spell origin setting.
  • Changing teamcolors midgame results in smoke appearing from the turret as if it was destroyed.
  • Special Vo interactions are missing. Still investigating…
  • Red side shopkeeper is glitching through his tent when going back in. Need someone else to help me with this problem since it also needs animation modification.
  • Using a different language than english results in an error during installation of the VO addon.
  • First blood cannon shots are missing. There is no server event that could trigger this on normal aram, so not possible.
  • Spectator mode is bugged. Jumping on the timeline or spectating in general can crash the game.
  • Some levelprops don’t show up again when you turn on the “eyecandy”-setting ingame. Will be back with the next game and can be turned off ingame, just turning them back on ingame is not working for all levelprops.


Version 1.6.6

(27.06.22) UPDATE 1.6.6

  • FixedFor patch 12.12
  • FixedHealth Packs rendering white squares
  • FixedSome missing textures for particles
  • FixedSome crashes (?)
Version 1.6.5

(24.05.22) UPDATE 1.6.5

  • FixedFor patch 12.9
  • FixedReworked turrets. They now use different shooting sounds depending on what’s the target.
Version 1.6.4

(30.04.22) UPDATE 1.6.4

  • FixedFor patch 12.8
  • Fixed“Hightlight champion on camera center” option causing a red cube to spawn inside the champion instead of the normal particle effect
Version 1.6.3

(20.04.22) UPDATE 1.6.3

  • FixedWhite squares on some particle effects
Version 1.6.2

(02.03.22) UPDATE 1.6.2

  • FixedFor patch 12.4
Version 1.6.1

(24.12.21) UPDATE 1.6.1

  • FixedOrderNexus spinning 180° when starting the exploding animation
  • FixedInhibitors showing incorrect damage state when destroyed right after respawning
  • FixedTurrets existing twice when using relative team color option
  • FixedTurret explosions being invisible when using relative team color option(both sides)
  • FixedDestroyed turrets not having correct colors when using relative team color option
  • FixedSnowball Hit-Marker being too low on some champions
  • FixedShopkeepers being outside their shop when they shouldn’t
  • FixedFeeding Porosnack to Poro being invisible (was already fixed in 1.6, forgot in changelog)
  • ADDEDOrderShopkeeper missing low resolution textures
  • ChangedChaosShopkeeper low resolution textures are now actually low resolution
Version 1.6

(11.12.21) UPDATE 1.6

  • FixedFor patch 11.24
  • FixedTurrets sometimes being rotated 180° in the wrong direction (hopefully)
  • FixedSome levelprops not spawning at the start of the game (hopefully)
  • ChangedBridge door should open more often now
  • AddedDamage state particles for turrets
Version 1.5

(08.10.21) UPDATE 1.5

  • FixedOutdated bins, no longer has missing sounds.
  • FixedNorth and moving ship disappearing sometimes (hopefully).
  • FixedMissing “Welcome to Butcher’s Bridge” announcement text.
  • FixedMissing “Welcome to Butcher’s Bridge” announcer voiceline (Pyke Version).
  • AddedBilgewater version of the snowball summoner spell has been fully restored! (Special thanks to Reinforced Soul)
  • AddedSeagulls to the background scenery!
  • AddedMissing low-res textures for levelprops.
  • ImprovedLighting and FoW positioning (only background)
  • ImprovedBrush color and density
Version 1.4.1

UPDATE 1.4.1

  • FixedUpdated for 11.19
Version 1.4


  • FixedGames crashing on rare occasions
  • FixedPride trails not working
  • FixedSpellbook crashing with this mod installed (Tho it’s gone now anyways…)
  • ChangedUpdated all map bin files to match 11.16 state (Should also fix bugs/crashes)
  • ChangedSnowball summoner. Orange and hit marker should be more visible now. Dash part of the summoner spell is still standard version, will be fixed with next version (hopefully).
Version 1.3

Update 1.3

  • Added Pyke announcer as secondary option

Version 1.2

Update 1.2

  • fixedUpdated for 11.11
  • FixedAdvanced stats. No more 36000% crit chance!
  • FixedFixed a bug that caused the fps to go down over the course of a game
  • ChangedEyecandy option now affects all levelprops introduced with Butchers Bridge v1.1
  • DeletedRemoved thrown bottles from the spawn again. Will return once I can find a better way of doing this.

Version 1.1

Update 1.1

  • fixedUpdated for 11.10
  • AddedMissing levelprops (doubleropes, shortropes, ships, fish, sign, teeth, bottles, hanging cannon).
  • FixedSome particles rendering as squares (e.g. fire)
  • AddedHalf of the Bilgewater snowball summoner spell. You once again throw an orange! (the ship for the jump is sadly still missing)
  • FixedAnnouncer is back!
  • fixedAdvanced stats
  • ChangedDue to problems with this mod when using a different language than english, the Shopkeeper VOs have been seperated into their own mod.
  • fixedLevelprops no longer freeze randomly

Version 1.0

Update 1.0

  • fixedUpdated for 11.8
  • AddedThe shopkeepers found their voice again and will now talk with you (Added Shopkeeper VO)
  • FixedTurrets now understand the meaning of exploding (Fixed Turret explosion Animation)
Alpha 0.3

Update 0.3

  • fixedMissing base pearl
  • fixedMissing water waves on river
  • FixedInhibitor respawn particles
  • fixedAdvanced champion stats
  • fixedRanged magic damage shield particle effects
Alpha 0.2

Update 0.2

  • AddedSome missing levelprops
  • ChangedImproved red side shopkeeper positioning
  • FixedErrors when installing the custom skin
Alpha 0.1

FIrst release

  • Addedfirst release


This tutorial works for ALL types of custom skins you can find on this website. It does not matter if they come as .fantome or .zip, the installation is the same, as long as you have the latest update of the program.

Bugs and errors

Custom Skins currently on this page should work for every patch, unless the skin status states otherwise.
If you are sure the skin itself has issues, even though you installed it correctly, please let us know in the comments!

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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by T0RRENTE in 01/07/2022

hello, i am very happy with the mod quality (is god tier for me), but i also must ask for an "Mx spanish" version for the shopkeepers if you can do it for us it would be a even brighter masterpeace.

 by h4x0reL in 01/05/2022

Please update my fav map <3

 by DrunkenDemon in 30/04/2022

Kinda post a comment about the crash in the 12.8 update but it doesn't matter anymore. Nice work my dude, rlly love the map and all the effort you put to bring it back to life for the ones who miss it. (Easy 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

 by RRG.R in 04/03/2022

Is there a way to remove GP/Pyke's voice and change to the default announcer?

 by Yuno in 18/02/2022

It seems to crash for me, the loading is stuck at 0%, the game isn't responding and I get sent back to the launcher after a minute or two (I started the program as Admin, hid eye candy and I initiated a full repair as well).

 by Velkoon in 14/02/2022

hope you don't stop maintaining this. I remember this event--It happened like a couple days after my first ARAMs. I thought it was the beginning of many custom maps to come. How wrong I was. Glad to be able to use this again

 by Madison in 11/12/2021

Please fix :L

 by Leischii in 24/12/2021

Fixed, map should work again :)

 by bladerjoe in 06/12/2021

Are you planning to fix this?

 by Zadder in 03/12/2021

I want it too m8

 by Merdan in 30/11/2021

pls fix it, nor workıng :/

 by Durzlok in 24/11/2021

Is it working with 11.23 v ?

 by Yoru in 24/11/2021

it clearly says on the post that it is outdated.

 by Saberr in 21/10/2021

Crashing after patch 11.21.

 by bayag in 21/10/2021

Having a bug on the latest version 11.21. The game stuck on the loading screen ingame then exit.

 by Leischii in 23/09/2021


 by LimeSalt in 12/09/2021

doesn't work on 11.18

 by Rukah in 12/08/2021

Hii, is there any way of using pyke announcer in any map?

 by BLUbeast in 27/07/2021

is there a way i can only use pyke announcer on any map?

 by Frachlitz in 15/06/2021

-Snowball looks hard to see. -The old shopkeeper's reading is still on. ♥

 by Woopatt in 01/06/2021

The mod is cool but I feel like the fps goes down every time you die. I start the game with 144fps and finish the game with like 40fps

 by Leischii in 07/06/2021

Should be fixed with v 1.2 Please let me know if this still happens

 by Woopatt in 13/06/2021

Hello, i played some games and it seems fixed :) Thanks for the update

 by Prolific in 18/05/2021

Looks like its be really cool to use but hasn't work for me when I try to use it in game. I don't get any error codes or anything from lcs I have it running and check marked but it just doesn't retexture the map when I get into the game. Any fixes?

 by Yoru in 18/05/2021

run lcs as admin

 by Alda in 18/05/2021

Severe random fps drops to 1-5 fps, it normally runs smoothly on 60+ fps. when attempting to reconnect the game crashes at 10%

 by ironman2ken40 in 23/05/2021

Am getting the same problem. In game drop graphics settings to low back to High setting. Fps only drops when the ship spawns in the map

 by Leischii in 07/06/2021

Fps bug is fixed now. Fun fact: The reason for the fps were the lamps, not the ship.

 by Leischii in 07/06/2021

Fps bug has been fixed. Please lemme know if this still occurs with v 1.2. The reconnecting bug is really rare and I have not found a fix yet.

 by Stephugi in 03/05/2021

is it possible to change the bilgwater poros to normal poros? if so, how can i do it myself? pls help

 by Leischii in 18/05/2021

Sorry but that is not possible. You would have to make this mod yourself to do that.

 by pantom in 29/04/2021

does not work with 11.9

 by Leischii in 18/05/2021

Should work now.

 by marcos naum in 27/04/2021

is giving error to start on lol: No base .wad found!

 by Leischii in 18/05/2021

This was the case until v1.1 if you use a different language in league than english. From v1.1 onward, just use the normal Butchers Bridge download. If you want the Shopkeepers to have new voicelines and changed your league to english, you can also install the Shopkeeper VO mod.

 by 0815thresh in 19/04/2021

Map is crashing since Patch 11.8

 by Leischii in 23/04/2021

The map has been updated. Please try again. See Changelog section for changes.

 by Mario SG in 17/04/2021


 by Leischii in 23/04/2021


 by Phyrok in 06/01/2021

Display:A Fatal Errde has occurred, Fantome will now terminate. Please delete the FILE_INDEX.json, MOD DATABSE.json files and Overlay folder if the error happened during Installation or Uninstallation. System. TypelnitializationException: The type initializer for ZstdSharp.Native' threw an exception. ( Please fix it )

 by Leischii in 23/04/2021

Map has been fixed, please try again

 by Phyrok in 06/01/2021

Error in mod installation

 by Instabuy in 29/12/2020

Uh loved the butchers bridge!

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