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  • Champion Replaced: Katarina
  • Skin Replaced: All skins (with minor edits on death sworn and battle academia)
  • Author: Lino, trapped800 and Amara.
  • Skin Version: 4.0.0
  • Description: Brings back the old katarina animations, particles and sounds.


Thank you Krukuku for let me use the Kat Featured Image on this post and also thank you so much Amara for helping me to bring the old kata SFX back!

WARNING: I had to separate the Slay Belle one from the other skins, and also she don’t have the old sounds included yet, so… when using the Slay Belle old particles, make sure to don’t use ANY other skin except for Slay Belle. Also, i know the particles are a little transparent and idk how to resolve this.

OBS: Krukuku’s name isn’t in authors cause he didn’t really participated on the Texture and SFX edit process, but once again, thank you for the kata image used on this post!





[20.10.2021] Fourth uPDATE

  • FixedSlay Belle Particles and Sounds now work again.

[14.05.2021] tHIRD uPDATE

  • AddedName of the author Amara,minor edits on Death Sworn and Battle Academia particles and Old SFX.
  • ImprovedNow, the spin particle is more simillar to the original old katarina particles.


  • ImprovedNow the particles are more dark and more simillar to the old Katarina particles.

FIrst release

  • AddedOld Katarina Particles and Animations.


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 by eskettit in 21/10/2021

Keep up the great job!

 by Akra (@DerAkra) in 17/08/2021

Slay Belle Kata not working.

 by Priios in 28/03/2021

They seem to work aside from Project kata -> Crashes the game in loading screen and doesn't want to start for me at least. Every other skin works fine tho Nice job but fix project plis if there's an issue cuz it crashed gamefiles also and makes the game wanna repair Greetings!

 by LinoRuneterra in 14/05/2021

It is going to be fixed in the next update.

 by Katarinamain in 16/05/2021

ERROR Install Fantome Mod header_.version == std::array{'R', 'W', '\x3', '\x0'} LCS::Wad::Wad:17: this->path_ = "C:\\Users\\YCSY\\Desktop\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed\\Old Katarina Particles and Sounds\\WAD\\Katarina.wad.client" this->name_ = Katarina.wad.client LCS::Mod::Mod:15: this->path_ = "C:\\Users\\YCSY\\Desktop\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed\\Old Katarina Particles and Sounds" LCS::ModIndex::install_from_zip:69: this->path_ = "C:\\Users\\YCSY\\Desktop\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed" srcpath = "C:/Users/YCSY/Downloads/Old Katarina Particles and Sounds.fantome" What is the reason for giving error?

 by Stxrmy in 30/12/2021

Don't run the old kata and old slay belle kata mod at the same time and you won't have a problem

 by Katarinamain in 16/05/2021

is it okay? I think a new version has arrived 3.0

 by Leblancxd in 21/03/2021

Old Leblanc pls!

 by LinoRuneterra in 23/03/2021

I'll work on it soon O.O

 by leblancxd in 24/03/2021


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