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Skin information

  • Champion Replaced: Yasuo
  • Skin Replaced: Default
  • Author: MabuLaboo
  • Skin Version: 2.2
  • Description: Includes a retouched custom model and custom particles of the outdated first version.


  • New model and texture
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified loadingscreen
  • New voiceover

Important usage information

This skin has 2 things which are the custom skin itself (which is the .FANTOME file) and the Custom Voiceover Pack folder which contains the custom voiceover files.

To install the custom voiceover packs, on LoL Custom Skin Manager, click on the “Edit this mod” button of the Neptune The Purple Heart entry after you have imported the .FANTOME file. Then select the “ADD WAD” button in the “FILES” tab. Next, browse in the “Neptune The Purple Heart (Custom VO Packs)” shared folder and download the WAD.CLIENT file with the correct language code according to the current game language of your LoL client, and select it in LoL Custom Skin Manager. For example: download and add the “Yasuo.en_US.WAD.CLIENT” to the mod in LoL Custom Skin Manager if your LoL client’s game language is currently using English , or the “Yasuo.ja_JP.WAD.CLIENT” if your LoL client’s game language is currently using Japanese (in which case that you are playing on JP server)

For custom particle updates, you can install it together along with the custom skin’s original V2 .FANTOME file itself.




[01.11.2021] Second VFX update

  • AddedIncludes partial particles for BA, Q, W, and R abilities.

[15.10.2021] FIrst VFX update

  • AddedIncludes partial particles for Passive, Q, W, E, and R abilities.

[09.09.2021] FIrst release


This tutorial works for ALL types of mods you can find on this website.
UNLESS: The mod has seperate instructions on the download page!
It does not matter if the mod comes as .fantome or .zip, the installation is the same.

Bugs and errors

All mods currently on this page should work for every patch, unless the mod status states otherwise.
HOWEVER: We still recommend you try every mod in a custom game first before going into PVP.
If you are sure the mod itself has issues, even though you installed it correctly, please let us know in our Discord!

Make sure to check out our FAQ and Error fixes to solve any issues you might have.
If your problem still persists, join our Discord and ask in the #help channel.

Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by dplac123 in 02/12/2021

can you add Yasuo.vn_VN.wad.client voice pack

 by MabuLaboo in 09/11/2021

did one,ill add it to the voice pack download link in mediafire

 by tomhs1 in 08/11/2021

Could you make a voice pack for vietnam server

 by dababy in 17/10/2021

it says the voice file is invalid

 by MabuLaboo in 01/11/2021

not sure how to fix, you could ask in the help section in discord

 by qazwsx507 in 16/10/2021

which is taiwan servers voice pack

 by MabuLaboo in 01/11/2021

I think theres none but could tell me the langauge code so I can make one

 by Railgun in 07/10/2021

voices aren't woking in the pt_BR version

 by MabuLaboo in 01/11/2021

make sure you follow the installation properly, if any you could upload a picture of the skin detail after adding the voice file and see if I can find a solution

 by velionaa in 01/10/2021

can you make an japanese voice pack that separate from the skin file ? I'm english server so i cant try jp

 by MabuLaboo in 01/11/2021

the voice files are already separated, you can even install it individually by adding a new mod with them

 by LDR in 24/09/2021

The sounds aren't working in brazilian version.

 by MabuLaboo in 22/09/2021

its separately

 by argentino in 19/09/2021

Does the voice pack come with everything or is it installed separately?

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