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Skin infos

  • HUD/UI theme name: Summer 2021 HUD
  • Author: Maglen
  • Skin Version: 1.0
  • Description: Summer/Pool Party Themed HUD

Extra infos

  • Edited main HUD (Masteries, skills, items, enemy info, minimap)
  • Edited scoreboard
  • Edited dragon counter
  • Edited jungle camp timers
  • Edited special champion HUDs (Aphelios, Kayn, Kindred, Elementalist Lux, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, Neeko, Ornn)
  • Edited death recap
  • Edited voicechat
  • Edited ping-wheel
  • Edited emote pop-ups
  • Edited shop
  • Edited options

Screenshots and videos



[12.07.2021] FIrst release


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Bugs and errors

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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Mai in 22/09/2021

Hi I've been loving ur works so far on here with the huds! Thanks <3 I was wondering if you'll ever make a diamond/pearl or even silver themed huds since you've already made gold :o

 by Maglen in 27/09/2021

Hi there, I have been quite busy for a while now and due to that I have not had the time to create any new HUDs, but as of recently I have gained more free time as things have settled down in my life. With that, I plan to start designing some new HUDs and when I saw this comment I thought, "That's a good idea, but I think I can do better than the gold HUD." So with that in mind, I would probably only focus on one of those two themes (Diamond/Pearl and Silver) while I work on a few other ideas I have so I can hopefully make an even better HUD than I've made before. And so my question here is, which would you prefer? If you can get back to me soon that would be amazing, thank you ^_^

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