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This tutorial shows you how to use Simple Recolor UI to easily recolor champion particles.

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Newest version looks a bit different in terms of setup but should work even better.

To use simple recolor UI you will need ritobin by moonshadow565.
If it doesn’t work might need to start as admin.
If this doesn’t solve the issue message me on discord.

Required tools

Video tutorial


Where to find the .bins you need

You can find all .bin files that can contain particles inside the DATA folder of a wad.client file.

For older champions and skins you usually have to change the .bin files that contain the skinname you want to edit in them (Base : change all with skin0)

For newer champs or skins you usually can find most of the particles inside data/characters/skins/

Recoloring all particles

Usually changing only .bin files is not enough to change all ability colors. You also need to change the actual .dds files of the champion.

Most of the files can be found inside ASSETS/characters/YourChamp/skins/YourSkin/particles.
You only need to edit those that contain colors and are not black and white only.
You can find some more info in this post.

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 by Skarleta in 29/06/2021

How do i put this in my game though?

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