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SKIN STATUS : updated


  • Sounds added: “Gangplank Announcer”
  • Author: “NekoHiko”, “Leischii”
  • Skin Version: “2.1”
  • Description: “Adds GP announcer to the game, mod can be turned off in game in settings/sounds when you check “Disable custom announcer”. Works only on SR. Install GP_Announcer_Base and language addon of your choice. el_GR, hu_HU,ja_JP and ro_Ro are missing, can’t find them on internet.”




[07.07.2021] 2.0 RELEASE

  • Added(.bin) modify, all voice lines for nearly all languages, all made by L_e_i_s_c_h_i_i


  • FixedAnnouncer now works in Practice Tool
    Language packs don’t need to be updated, only GP_Announcer_Base was changed.


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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Saint Swift in 15/01/2022

When you install this mod, Crown of the Shattered Queen and Axiom Arc will not show up in your shop

 by Ani in 01/01/2022

Alright everyone, for those who have the problem of the announcer being muted, here's what you have to do: - Download the GP_Announcer base mod and add the .fantome into LCS - Download your language add-on .zip and ADD THE ZIP DIRECTLY INTO LCS. You DON'T have to un-zip it, just add the ZIP into LCS. For ENGLISH announcer: You have to download and add it directly to LCS. For other languages, the same but with the correct add-on. - Make sure you enable both the base mod and the add on in LCS and run LCS as admin. - Run both mods in LCS, go into a custom game, the mod should now work!

 by Papuzz in 13/01/2022

is still mute I tried to follow the advice written in your comments but nothing

 by ShinKun in 12/12/2021

it works perfectly fine for me , thanks for the mod

 by DOD in 24/12/2021

What did you install ? do you have to install an addon ?

 by DOD in 10/12/2021

The announcer is mute, is there a way to fix it ?

 by Leviathan Jack in 22/11/2021

I tried running the program as administrator, i loaded the main file and after the italian translated zip, but the announcer is muted, tried with the base version without the translation and still announcer muted. Any suggestions?

 by Serenie the Mad Queenie in 16/09/2021

How did you get it to work please ? The announcer is still muted for me.

 by imxet in 14/09/2021

nvm, it worked but there's a minor bug: Player double kill announcer bug (announces "ally double kill" instead of "double kill")

 by imxet in 11/09/2021

It doesn't work in patch 11.18? The announcer is muted, is it just me?

 by GP main in 27/08/2021

Hi. Announcer is Polish version dont say these lines about 30s to minions, about minions, start of the game. It normaly work for kills, bounties, deaths, rampages etc.

 by Sett Enjoyer in 25/08/2021

Gangplank es_es does not work, everything is silent even with the two files, f

 by saber of fire s4 in 23/08/2021

Doesn't work announcer in MX total mute in game : /

 by Valentin in 21/08/2021

Doesn't work for French. Just mute the announcer. Broken

 by Yoru in 21/08/2021

Install both files properly and it works.

 by Kalaaa in 20/08/2021

Hello neko hiko ! Do you think you could upload the old bilgewater theme that was fitting with the annoucner ? It reminds me so good memories ! Thanks

 by Fedrix870 in 14/08/2021

all that does to me is a balck screen on loading..tried to redownload files,installed base announcer voice,then the US and for that changed in the config folder the client in US..still black screen and crash.Help ahah

 by kazhemons in 14/08/2021

After 11.16 patch didnt work ((9

 by DeathFaze in 09/08/2021

Is there gonna be a Gp GR voice or is it like bugged or lost?

 by shanetto in 04/08/2021

i tried it and now theres no sound for the announcer at all

 by Yoru in 05/08/2021

follow the installation instructions properly.

 by Sinful in 18/07/2021

Just mutes the announcer, doesnt work.

 by Leischii in 19/07/2021

Then you either have the wrong/no language pack installed or the language pack you are using broke. With more info I can check.

 by tony in 25/07/2021

how do i install a language pack that works for this mod? i looked around and i'm not even sure what a language pack even is (i'm new to modding LoL sorry) could you link me a pack for en_us?

 by Draco in 30/06/2021

Guys can you make Ahri Pt-Br please? I really want her voice ;-;

 by Tuizin in 12/06/2021

I tryed in English and worked well, first i changed to en_US in the LoL shortcut, downloaded english voiceline ingame, and after that i launched the mod, i will try in pt_BR now

 by Lyndon92 in 30/04/2021

Sadly, it only works for English. I'd like so much to get the French announcer for GP. Or , at least being not forced to put the game in English :(

 by JustaRandom in 21/03/2021

Sadly, the announcer don't work. I tried every language, with both tools, normal and running them as administrator and then, the announcer is muted or just played the standard announcer. Oh, and in fantome, just work the en_Us version, the others say that contains invalid entries. Maybe is somtehing wrong with that file

 by Miguel in 04/03/2021

The anouncer just gets muted, tryed both portuguese and english files and get the same problem :(

 by Yuto in 19/02/2021

The announcer does not work

 by DeepSwing in 09/02/2021

are all of the gangplank voice lines available here ?

 by Jason in 19/01/2021

I did everthing right, but in the game the announcer is just muted.

 by Yorker in 19/01/2021

Please do Dark Star Thresh announcer. I know there is this announcer on this site but it doesn't work because there is a wrong file. Thanks.

 by Armidon22 in 04/01/2021

sadly, it gives me this error: "No base .wad found!" idk how to resolve...

 by NekoHiko in 08/01/2021

It means that you dont have a wad that it could replace, which means u didnt had league in en_US. Updated now so u can pick your own locale (still will be in English though)

 by Vojtazem in 30/12/2020

Is this skin English only, or does it work with other languages?

 by NekoHiko in 08/01/2021

English only, for now, but I updated it so you dont need to download and use whole English locale

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