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Announcers Sounds




  • Sounds replaced: “Global Announcer”
  • Author: “NekoHiko”
  • Skin Version: “1.0”
  • Description: “Replaces standand announcer with this one, works on SR and ARAM”
  • Additional info: “Updated for probably all languages, still will be in English, for now, but you can enjoy it in your own locale without forcing you to use en_US”
  • Update info 02.02.2021: “Some people say it doesn’t work in their respective language, use en_us one if it doesn’t work for you. Ping me in Killerskins discord if u have problem with something”



Custom Skins currently on this page should work for every patch, unless the skin status states otherwise.
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Updated: The skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


Both tutorials work for ALL types of custom skins you can find on this website. It does not matter if they come as .fantome or .zip, the installation is the same, as long as you have the latest update of the program.
At the moment we recommend installing skins with LCS-Manager.


 by JustaRandom in 21/03/2021

Sadly, the announcer don't work. I tried every language, with both tools, normal and running them as administrator and then, the announcer is muted or just played the standard announcer. Oh, and in fantome, just work the en_Us version, the others say that contains invalid entries. Maybe is somtehing wrong with that file

 by Miguel in 04/03/2021

The anouncer just gets muted, tryed both portuguese and english files and get the same problem :(

 by Yuto in 19/02/2021

The announcer does not work

 by DeepSwing in 09/02/2021

are all of the gangplank voice lines available here ?

 by Jason in 19/01/2021

I did everthing right, but in the game the announcer is just muted.

 by Yorker in 19/01/2021

Please do Dark Star Thresh announcer. I know there is this announcer on this site but it doesn't work because there is a wrong file. Thanks.

 by Armidon22 in 04/01/2021

sadly, it gives me this error: "No base .wad found!" idk how to resolve...

 by NekoHiko in 08/01/2021

It means that you dont have a wad that it could replace, which means u didnt had league in en_US. Updated now so u can pick your own locale (still will be in English though)

 by Vojtazem in 30/12/2020

Is this skin English only, or does it work with other languages?

 by NekoHiko in 08/01/2021

English only, for now, but I updated it so you dont need to download and use whole English locale

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