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League of Legends mod to be used with cslol-manager

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Mod information

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  • Champion: Malzahar
  • Modified skin: Default
  • Author: お兄ちゃんの苗床
  • Mod version: 1.0.0
  • Description: Replaces base Malzahar with Yagami Hayate (and ReinⅡ) from Nanoha A’s/INNOCENT/movie timeline


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  • New model and textures
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified loading screen
  • Modified in-game/skill icons
  • Modified particles
  • Modified animations
  • Edited ability sounds
  • New voiceover
  • New model, animations, voiceover for Voidling pets (replaced with ReinⅡ/Zwei)

About the mod

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kassadin from the hit mobile battle royale heroes of the storm ulted into the bar. it had been a long day of work at developer of league of legends, hirez studios, and he was ready to wrap things up and clock out “wheres malzahar” kassadin growled into the bar in his best batman jared leto the joker damaged forehead impression “its me kassadin. where is he. wheres the joker. u know. ” no one answered him, it was quiet in the bar, dead silent like the time at the office nomikai back in 2010. that was the time he felt inadequate because his r was only 3 incheslong on the monitor and twisted fates r was so long that it went up the pro tournament backdoor and made rito games’ balancing team kyaakyaa so then he told a joke about tf backdooring dudes too but it turned out he really did backdoor dueds so no one laughed and then tf said “backdoor this” and punched him in the ribs and threw him out the backdoor and he hit his head on the fire hydrant and then everyone laughed. but at him. that sucked, kind of like this. “come on. where malz. i just want the one with the purple black darknesspowers and the pets so i can fight him and go home and play smite. there was a soft squeaking sound like when league of legends players are forced to read move descriptions, and then a chisai af petite brunette girl in a wheelchair hot wheels’d out from behind the bar where he couldnt see her in the first place. what was she doig in the bar. メスガキs werent allowed to drink in runeterra not because it was illegal but because there was better things they could do with their time. like posting their address and income and horoscope on sns or playing the gollum game or child labor. while kassadin was using his 201 years of brain cells the little girl rolled up to him and stared at him with her big googly ayy lmao anime eyes 『あぁ、夜天の書の主です。よろしくな~』 she obviously thoguht he was asking for her but that was not important because the moment she opened her mahou shoujo lyrical mouth kassadin saw red, like when you get shot in a game and have to hide behind a potted plant to wipe the sriracha out of your eyes. another star guardian. they were taking all the goddamn jobs, and also all the skins. subconsciously kassadin crossed himself, an action he hadnt taken since 2010 when he saw poppys release splash. every night he prayed to morello, thanking him for the moe devoid league of legends life he had be given, but now it had come to this. god he hated weeaboos. if they liked the sound so much why didnt the ouiaboos all move to france like wriggles lantern did. kassadin responded the only way he could “we dont like your kind round these parts. i dont speak kansai ben you have to order in american”

instantly he knew he had made a grave and fatal error. the tiny moeblob gazed upon him in sad disappointment. caesar upon brutus. the little girl uttered something in either fluent star guardian or distinctly unfluent german and pointed at him and suddenly an even littler girl with silver hair rocketed out from below one of the barstools where of course he also could not have seen her 「はいです」 “hola” kassadin responded automatically to the sound and the realization that the fairy-like womanlet was probably around the size of the churro he had for lunch before she fisted him in the shins and shattered every bone in his lower body. as he fell to his knees she chomped straight into his ankles mogumogumogumogu unconsciously he knew he was about to get what was coming to him, he had called the less little girl a yellow bastard but literally and now they were going to bite his legs off in the biggest flesh wound he had ever received. he had to think fast. the churro gremlin was inexorable and worked swiftly. in mere seconds she had already eaten his lower extremities, he was now eye to eye with the hot wheels bishoujo across from him and he could tell his internal organs were about to be devoured next. his death recap was moments from flashing before his eyes. he was going to die. he was going to die, and worse his teammates would spam the noose bait ping on his corpse then report him to their dad who worked at rito for playing roaming support kass. no please. anything but that. in desperation he rummaged through his breast pocket and found his last hope the final lifeline that wasnt 50-50 or phone a friend. “please. dont kill me, dont make me feed. i have a family.” as the last word left his unmodeled darth vader lips the girls’ eyes widened and the burrito baby rummaging around his entrails slowed its pace. it was working sweet jesus mary it was working. he plucked the tiny polaroid from its cranny and brandished it before the two ロリ子s like his personal sonichu medallion. “look it is my babygirl, isnt she kawaii desu” but something was wrong. instead of letting him go, hot wheels was leaning closer and squinting at the photo. the eroi enchilada popped back out of his intestines to look at it too. what was the matter, why did they keep looking at it like that. too late he realized his mis take. it was obvious. why would they believe him when his progeny looked about as close to him as old swain animporhs did to post rework swain who was like the animorph who animorphed into a human for 2 hours and 1 minute. “no you dont understand, she was born to sell kpop skins. im her dad, im from the old days, before rito games invented korea” it wasnt working, tacoたん was already heading back towards his guts. but the crippleちゃん was still observing him closely, he still had a chance, he had mere seconds left to convince her. “please you have to believe me. i love her so much. shes real i swear, her name is kaisa”

he realized his mistake the moment the words escaped him but it was too late, the look on the katawa shoujo’s pretty face was already something equal parts pity and disgust. “oh god. no. i know what it sounds like. im not making it up i swear. her name really is that. kassa. shoot. i mean kaisa. kaisa, not kaissadin. no i meant kassadin. kassa not din. wait. kaisa not din. aaa. no but that really is my family and not some random woman i have a picture of. im not creepshotting random kpoppers really, thats really kassa. uh kaisa. i didnt name her honest. you see it was an idea from my wife cassiedin. thats cassiedin and not kassiedin or kassadin. i swear we didnt hook up to be funny. it wasnt a kassident, i mean a kaccidint, i mean a kaisadidnt. aaaaaa no yabai yabai yabai. please forget ijust said that i know how it sounds. my wife just said she wanted to put the i in kassa i mean kassa i mean kassa not din i mean kassa sorry i mean kassa i mean”

in his final moments he achieved kenja time and gave up and went silent, realizing that his fate had been sealed from start. dying to a cute little girl like this was too funny. malzahar was gone, this professor x womanlet had probably already gotten him the moment happy hour started. the guacamole gremlin had already devoured most of his torso and now kassadin was lying almost face down on the floor. god he wished he could feed that tiny queso cutie the churro and see her swallow the entire thing the size of her body, wow. imagine. the diminutive youjo that he had towered over moments ago now towered over him as she scooted closer. her dainty feet floating before kassadins face awoke something inside him even though his second brain had long since entered the smurfette’s stomach like a hamster devouring a large banana. perhaps it was because he was from a generation where having feet and not pizza slices let alone slender and lithe moeblob feet was a luxury. as his screen turned gray and the death recap started to load into memory he pleaded with his chatgpt ai future neuralink integration to teach him how to speak ionian so he could communicate his belated admirations to this lovely pettanko angel of death. 「cyka blyat. bonjour fraulein. por favor,」 ah, it was working perfectly, he could tell. she was accelerating closer now, surely she would grant this final wish 「俺様の体を踏んでください

he was still trying to speak norwegian when she ran him over with the wheelchair


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  • Model from 300 Heroes
  • Visual assets from Nanoha movies, key visuals, INNOCENT manga and mobile game
  • Voiceover from Nanoha x Magia Record collab, Nanoha Gears of Destiny
  • Ult background music from Nanoha A’s movie Snow Rain ver. Blessing Wind

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Additional installation instructions

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This skin includes 2 things which are the base mod (which is the .fantome file) and the Custom Voiceover Pack folder which contains the custom voiceover files.

This mod supports all client languages.

Follow the guide on the right in order to find the correct file for your client language.

If your language doesn’t work or is missing, let me know in the comments or on Discord.

To install the custom voiceover files for your client language:

  1. Download the base mod
  2. Download the language file which matches your server, client & game language
  3. Import base mod into LCS
  4. Click on “Edit this mod”
  5. Go to the “Files” tab
  6. Import your language file (“Add WAD”)
  7. Close “Edit mod” window
  8. Activate mod and press “Run” to use the mod

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Download and Socials

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Lastly write down your Discord username and tag.

If any of the mod particles, voices, etc break after a LoL update patch, feel free to let me know through DMs or comments on this post.

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[04.06.2023] FIrst release

  • 誕生日おめでとうはやてちゃま~

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Safety of mods – can you get banned?

Now, you might be concerned about the safety of using mods and custom skins in a competitive online-game.

That’s why we compiled all information we have in this post:

Bugs and errors

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