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Announcers Mods Sounds


Mod information

  • Sounds replaced: Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss Announcer
  • Author: Periett
  • Skin Version: 1.2
  • Description: Samuel L. Jackson (Heroes of Newerth) announcer pack for LoL.


  • Supports the following languages: English (US), Spanish (Latam), Portuguese (BR), Japanese (JP), English (UK), Spanish (Spain), Korean (KR), Russian (RU) (If you want the announcer for your language leave a comment or contact me on discord)
  • Modifies announcer


  • The volume is a bit lower than the original. Increasing the announcer volume in game settings is recommended.
  • I wasn’t able to replace some voice lines like: “Reconnected” and “Tower plates falls”. They were replaced for some notifications sounds instead.
  • In this announcer the enemy team is referred as Hellbourne and ally team as Legion.


Download and Socials



[20.12.2021] Patch 11.24 (Optional – Redownload if your map is showing original worlds textures)

  • Fixedmissing tiles showing original textures

[04.12.2021] FIrst release


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 by MetaK1ng in 17/04/2022

german language?

 by 4dx in 06/03/2022

Ninja Announcer pls

 by Touch Me in 20/02/2022

Can you do the Badaas HoN announcer too ?

 by serhan in 21/01/2022

Hey dude, can you make this mod for Turkish

 by Periett in 31/01/2022

Turkish version added. Sorry for the late response.

 by Ryan Thomson in 24/12/2021

there is no base .wad file in the english (UK)

 by Yoru in 25/12/2021

try en_US, we aren't fully sure if en_gb is even used (no base wad means the language doesnt fit your client)

 by dodosukoyamane in 09/12/2021

I would like to request the addition of Japanese to this announcer file type.

 by Periett in 10/12/2021

I'll be working in more languages soon c:

 by xeenshadow in 08/12/2021

Can you take hon announcer nakom

 by Periett in 10/12/2021

I’ll be focusing on english announcers only, I’m sorry. I can’t understand thai so I will not know how to set the voicelines properly for league. I can try if there are a lot of people requesting that announcer tho.

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