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Skin infos

  • Map Replaced: Summoner’s Rift
  • Author: TheKillerey
  • Skin Version: 12.8


  • Supports all texture quality settings
  • Edited map textures
  • Edited elemental map textures
  • Edited minions
  • Edited jungle creeps
  • New models
  • Edited MapMap11.bin

Known Bugs

  • Nexus has no crystal, fires in the midlane etc. don’t work. Currently no River

Important usage information


NOTE: This is a Google Drive Link. Just click on the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner and don’t mess with the ingle files in the overview.



FIrst release by TheKillerey

  • AddedFirst Release

[22.05.2021] Update and Re-Upload by Killerskins, fixed by Thuan and TheKillerey

  • FixedWorks again

[13.08.2021] Fix for patch 11.16

  • FixedMap is working again for Patch 11.16
  • FixedRiver is finally fixed

[25.09.2021] Fix for patch 11.19

  • FixedMap is working again for Patch 11.19
  • BuggedRiver is missing for this update. Fix in next update
  • AddedAdded missing textures for Low quality on Minions

[18.04.2022] Fix for patch 12.7

  • FixedMap is working again for Patch 12.7
  • FixedInfernal bluebuff terrain
  • FixedTop/Bottom lane stones got a change

[07.05.2022] Fix for patch 12.8

  • FixedBlackscreen when loading


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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Rafu in 08/07/2022

old structures (towers, inhibs, nexus) is not working. The fountain tower and inhibitors are also bugged. There are big white boxes spawning on top of them.

 by Love your work keep it up in 22/06/2022

Please add the old base and turrets thank you for keeping the classic league alive love this so much, so many nostalgia coming back ❤❤❤👍

 by Corki enjoyer in 26/05/2022

i really like the skin but i dont have the old nexus and turrets. can you maybe help me fixing this?

 by ReitzZz in 08/05/2022

I get high ping when using map skins, anyone know a fix to this?

 by ReitzZz in 08/05/2022

I hope this will get updated, it's so nostalgic and I would use it forever!

 by kassadinemperor in 28/04/2022

plz update,12.8 doesn`t work

 by Innervating Locket in 18/02/2022

Please update!

 by nenodroid in 05/02/2022

hope you will update soon

 by Tetsu in 17/01/2022

will there be an update? :D

 by Sora in 19/12/2021

can u please update it ty! <3

 by turuwo in 14/12/2021

please update bro uwu

 by inty in 05/12/2021

Please for the love of god the nostalgia got to me like a train please update the map! <3

 by xiao mi zi in 11/11/2021

dosen't work in 11.22 arcane map skin:( old map much better.....

 by MITEL in 21/10/2021

Thank you but....dosen't work on tower&nexus? i'm so confused.....

 by Hansky in 10/10/2021

I havent Config folder

 by XDXDXDXD in 03/10/2021

Can't see Draven's axes properly

 by remalakaomws in 02/10/2021

can u please fix the crystals so they light in inhibitor and nexus and please fix the bug where inhibitor is destroyed but it doesnt seem like it is ?

 by Michał Pakuła in 26/09/2021

On ultra rapid fire the towers are lying down and as well as inhibitors and nexus have fckd textures.

 by tkfkddlqhwl in 09/09/2021

Kinda different with the original one. Original one was more darker. Would like to make it like that. But still good!

 by strma in 07/09/2021

Increasing quality to high fixed my minions texture and blue buff texture problem. commenting here just so ppl know it works. patch 11.17

 by é o japa in 06/09/2021

I need some help, i don't have the PreferOpenGLLegacy, the PreferDX9LegacyMode and the DX11Betatest on General

 by Yoru in 07/09/2021

as the tutorial says, then you need to write it.

 by enasvlakas in 02/09/2021

The blue buff is buggy and has some weird textures in it, and also minions and twoers are bugged to me and are weird and not like the usual old ones, also what about the crystals in the nexus? do you think you can get them to work?

 by lelos in 30/08/2021

guys when i go downlaod the file it says its a .fantome file and that opens with mozilla and its not .zip like every video has shown, what can i do to fix that ?

 by Yoru in 31/08/2021

it's the exact same.

 by Curitisp in 28/08/2021

Bugged in 11.17 Some trees are only in dark color or green and spawn point is only in grey

 by Hako Kaio in 26/08/2021

Is there also a way to create the Old Winter Map back in 2012? Would love to see that, it brings so many memories.

 by Pillowbro in 16/08/2021

There are some missing models :( I have DX9 enabled tho

 by Nasss in 13/08/2021

yeah please work on it, its a great custom map

 by Luftwaffe in 12/08/2021

Not working on 11.16?

 by LilyFox in 13/08/2021

Yep, can confirm this is broken on the new patch. Unfortunate :<

 by dupa in 08/08/2021

will you guys ever update it for the fire and wands in the lanes and jungle? :o super cool map, thank you guys so much for these skins!!!!!

 by Atylaz in 01/08/2021

Doesnt work - invalid mod file

 by Yoru in 01/08/2021

don't unpack the mod. drag and drop it directly.

 by THinh in 29/07/2021

How to use? Now, it can use old map ?

 by Clorox in 24/07/2021

My game is crashing and patching itself if I enable this in a draft or ranked game

 by 461275464 in 22/07/2021

the textures of the minions and towers are (same for other buildings) but no old map textures. what should I do?

 by anonymous1646 in 22/07/2021

everything works fine (textures for minions, towers, nexus and inhibitors as well) but no old map

 by Huỳnh Viễn Thông in 16/06/2021

Flame Dragon map error

 by Darkness in 04/06/2021

save profile error help pls. [INFO] Version: 2021-06-03-08425a1 [INFO] Status changed: Verify path [INFO] Status changed: Acquire lock [INFO] Status changed: Load mods [INFO] Status changed: Save profile [Error] Save profile: Mods using 3.0 wads need to be re-installed! LCS::WadMerge::addWad:48: this->path_ = "D:\\Riot Games\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\profiles\\Default Profile\\DATA\\FINAL\\DATA2.wad.client" this->original_->name() = DATA2.wad.client source->path() = "D:\\Riot Games\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed\\OLD SR (Fixed and updated) - 1.0 (by The Killerey)\\WAD\\DATA2.wad.client" LCS::WadMergeQueue::addWad:31: this->path_ = "D:\\Riot Games\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\profiles\\Default Profile" source->path() = "D:\\Riot Games\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed\\OLD SR (Fixed and updated) - 1.0 (by The Killerey)\\WAD\\DATA2.wad.client" LCS::WadMergeQueue::addMod:21: this->path_ = "D:\\Riot Games\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\profiles\\Default Profile" mod->path() = "D:\\Riot Games\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed\\OLD SR (Fixed and updated) - 1.0 (by The Killerey)" [INFO] Status changed: Run profile [INFO] Status changed: Waiting for league match to start...

 by Montdesmartyrs75 in 30/05/2021

thank you !

 by Bloo in 26/05/2021

Redside infernal map is bugged, at the blue buff one wall stays after the infernal map transition you can walk through

 by adsad in 24/05/2021

What does it look like when the map changes, like infernal soul, mountain soul?

 by Yoru in 24/05/2021

Should all work, the screenshots are taken on ocean

 by Airi in 24/05/2021


 by Fnug in 24/05/2021

Minions are broken - my settings are on very high

 by kkouch in 23/05/2021

MInion textures are broken, but everything else is working perfectly

 by Yoru in 23/05/2021

Set character quality ingame to high, might fix it

 by i love you in 23/05/2021

it works

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