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You will have to get it on your own or you can apply for a student license here.
Right now you can only work fully with Maya 2015 and Maya 2018.

NEW: There is also a tutorial on how to get Maya 2018 30-day trial:
Simply select Maya 2018 instead of Maya 2020 at ~02:28

Necessary Plug-Ins


Select the one that matches your Maya version.

Installation tutorial:
IMPORTANT NOTE: The .env file is not fully correct in this video! If you do it like this you cannot load weighted models! It is missing the \others in the path for scripts.
This is how it has to look (depends on your placement ofc, just the paths in red have to be the same):
MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH = D:\Dokumente\Maya plugins\Maya 2018\bin\plug-ins
MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH = D:\Dokumente\Maya plugins\Maya 2018\scripts\others
XBMLANGPATH = D:\Dokumente\Maya plugins\Maya 2018\icons


Starting with patch 11.3 Riot stopped using the old .skl format that RiotFileTranslator for Maya exports, so now you will update them every time you make your own remodel or you want to use an old remodel custom skin.

  • Download LeagueToolKit by Morilli (recommended)

  • Download League-Model-Updater by TheKillerey (also updates .skn files, but does not work with a lot of skins)
  • Additional Plug-ins/Scripts

    Anim Rescaler

    Can rescale animations
    Download: Anim rescaler by FrankTheBoxMonster

    Maya Vertselect

    Maya script that detects vertices that have more than 4 influences assigned to them
    Download: Maya VertSelect.MEL Script


    Align your UV shells from multiple models easily
    Extract in: C:\Users\\Documents\maya\2018\prefs
    Download: UV – Helper By Marcius922


    Converts into readable .scb file for Riot File Translator
    Download: SCB Fixer by FrankTheBoxMonster

    Other useful 3d-Tools

    Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro

    3D-Viewer that can play animations – Demo is enough unless you want to extract the models!
    Make sure to grab the League of Legends SCO/SCB Plug-In from the third party Plug-Ins, otherwise it won’t load .skn files


    .skn Viewer that can also load animations and export posed models, more complicated to use


    Original Riot skin viewer, browser, can play all animations

    League ref sheets Google Drive

    Turnarounds of League of Legends skins


     by Aslordx in 13/05/2021

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to modify the skeleton animations... if you do please contact me

     by Wolf in 13/04/2021

    Hi, I'm new to this and I don't really know where to start, I have already LCS Launcher and a 3D model, I want to know how I could replace the model of a specific character with the new one, I hope seomone will respond tho

     by Yoru in 13/04/2021

    Check the tutorials section, there is a tutorial on creation a 3D-skin

     by Wolf in 13/04/2021

    Ok I will check it, thanks :)

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