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Announcers Mods Sounds




  • Sounds replaced: “Base Summoner’s Rift and ARAM Announcer”
  • Author: “ReggieHammy”
  • Skin Version: “2.0”
  • Description: “Replaces default annoucer (SR/ARAM), with the Thresh Announcer”
  • Special Thanks To: “NekoHiko#1180




FIrst release



  • editedNormalized certain audio files


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 by Fish in 05/04/2022

Downloaded the Spanish Mexico version and doesn't change anything :/

 by eneshaka123 in 26/01/2022

it doesn't work on TR server :(

 by Felu in 05/09/2021

doesn't work Japanese version and Spanish version

 by Dinh Tung in 19/08/2021

Can you add Vietnam version ?

 by Luca in 05/08/2021

Spanish(MX) version doesnt work :c

 by lTCH in 18/06/2021

Someone now where l can download the brazilian version?

 by MiariMaykr in 23/05/2021

The Brazillian version doesn't work ;-;

 by SpiderSlayer22 in 06/05/2021

I've tried downloading the UK/USA version of the Dark Star thresh announcer and the WAD file says its an invalid entry. Don't know how to fix it.

 by pok in 24/03/2021

excellent work the mod at least in english us works incredible as far as i tried

 by Gick in 23/03/2021

Hello, I tried the .panton version of the thresh announcer in English, when I use the program and start the game it says that the announcer is fine but when I test it it sounds the default one. Tonight I'm going to try again, if someone works with the announcer using pantom let me know.

 by Yorker in 19/01/2021

It doesn't work for me as well. I download it and try to add downloaded zip file but I get an error message: „The WAD folder of Thresh Announcer - 2.0 (byReggieHammy) contains invalid entries: WAD/“ I tried to unzip the file and in WAD folder is „Map11.en_US.wad.client“ file so I tried to add the mod in phantom but phantom cant see this file. it could see only .zip files and .fantome files. I also tried to change it to Map11.en_US.fantome but this didn't work as well. Please try to solve this problem. Thanks.

 by KikiNeosquall in 10/01/2021

That doesn't work for me. :( I downloaded French version, but that doesn't work. Did I do something wrong ?

 by Andrew Ennis in 11/02/2021

I will look into this

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