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If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: GuiSai#7920


In this tutorial I will show you how to edit fontconfig [RST]
With this method you can edit any in game text [Skill infos, Champion names, Skin Names]

Do not package this with your public mods if you wanna publish in killerskins

Required tutorials

In order to follow this tutorial you must understand and be able to follow the following tutorials:

Required tools

Video tutorial

Written tutorial

Some warnings before going to the tutorial

-> You can literally change any text in game, just need to search correctly what are you looking for 😀

-> I only recommend using on mod with that, to avoid multiple mods changing the same file

-> If you use a edited FontConfig [RST] file outdated you will probably see new skin names / new champion names as:
“game_character_displayname_nilah” [champion name] or “Game_Character_Skin_Displayname_Nilah_1” [skin]
So, if you have a mod with edited text keep updating 😀

-> Avoid using () <> {} [] ,.;: they can glitch the text

First step: extracting and converting files


Extract the fontconfig from your language from the folder “…\League of Legends\Game\DATA\FINAL\Localized” the Global.xx_XX.wad.client will have the fontconfig that we want

Dont forget to extract the file in a folder with the name Global.xx_XX


Drag and drop the fontconfig.txt file to rion.exe and will output a fontconfig.json

Editing and converting back

Open the .json file with any text editor (notepad++ or vscode)
Search what you wanna change using cntrl + F, dont forget to type using quotation marks, example: “Ahri” or “Spirit Blossom Ahri”

If you are editing a skin or a champion that had in TFT in any set, you will need to change every name that displays in the .json, for example, if a skin have 8 chromas, will have 9 names to change [ 1 for skin and 8 for chromas ]

Converting back and using

Save your .json file and drag and drop to rion.exe again, then you delete the .json and done! you have a edited fontconfig file 😀
Create a mod with your Global.xx_XX now.

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