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This tutorial will show you how to extract specific effects that you have no clue where there are or to put every effect in only one bin to make it easier to edit them later.

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Required tutorials

In order to follow this tutorial you must understand and be able to follow the following tutorials:

Required tools

Video tutorial


How a cac looks like

This is just to show it, if your dealing with a legendary skin you will have to copy the ContextualAction from the shared bin and put inside your skin bin, otherwise your character will be muted

0x963bacad = ContextualActionData {
        mCooldown: f32 = 15
        mSituations: map[hash,embed] = {
            "MoveOrder2D" = ContextualSituation {
                mChooseRandomValidRule: bool = true
                mRules: list[embed] = {
                    ContextualRule {
                        mRuleName: string = "Long"
                        mConditions: list[pointer] = {
                            ContextualConditionMoveDistance {
                                mDistance: f32 = 2000
                                mCompareOp: u8 = 2
                        mAudioAction: pointer = ContextualActionPlayVo {
                            mSelfEventName: string = "Move2DLong"
        mObjectPath: string = "Characters/Irelia/CAC/Irelia_Skin37"

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