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Skin information

  • Champion Replaced: Yorick
  • Skin Replaced: Pentakill III: Lost Chapter
  • Author: Sauronkaiser
  • Skin Version: 1.0
  • Description: This skin is a retexture of Pentakill III which also was modified in its model to include the hat in-game.
  • In order to use this custom skin, you need to own Pentakill III: Lost Chapter for Yorick and select it in champion select. Do NOT equip any chroma of the skin when doing this, else the textures will bug out.


  • Slightly modified model, texture recolored
  • Works on all champion texture quality settings, BUT it has the same definition in all of them
  • Modified loadingscreen
  • Modified some particles

Known issues

  • Bass looking a bit buggy in dance and recall, but hardly noticeable
  • Hat not being thrown in recall animation (I dont think there is a way to fix this because of how the original skin was made)


Download and Socials



[18.09.2021] FIrst release

  • Addedskins first version


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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Domo Woj in 02/10/2021

Awesome mod! Could you make it with golden colors on his coat instead of silver and to make the talisman red, so it would look like on the live concert? It would make the skin more badass in my honest opinon.

 by Fruccit in 22/09/2021

Hat <3 Good job really

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