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  • Champion Replaced: “Mordekaiser”
  • Skin Replaced: “Default, Dragon Knight, Infernal, Pentakill, Lord”
  • Author: “Scrafty”
  • Skin Version: “2.0”
  • Description: “Old Mordekaiser Complete Restoration Project”


This custom skin restores:

  • Model, Skeleton, Ability icons, Buffbar icons, Square, Circle, Loadscreen and Animations
  • SFX and VO

Project Progress:

  • General: Ability icons, Buffbar icons, VO and SFX are complete.
  • Base Skin: Model, Skeleton, Square, Circle and Loadscreen are complete. Particles are recolored red or greenish blue.
  • Dragon Knight, Infernal, Pentakill, Lord: Model, Skeleton, are complete. Loadscreen, Circle and Particles are incomplete.
  • King of Clubs, Dark Star, PROJECT: Incomplete. Do not use them with this custom skin or it will lead to weird results/crashing.

Known Issues:

  • Q into E will not play E animation.
  • W’s phantom effect when the heal is used is reversed.
  • Conqueror, Spellblade, turret shots and other things that rely on a buffbone will point to/be placed at the ground.

Thoughts for future versions:

  • Replace Dark Star and PROJECT with unreleased skins.





[19.05.2022] 2015 update

  • Fixed Everything works again.
  • Improved Animations should be more fluid overall. Red version particles should be more complete than before.
  • Added 2015 assets added as a choice.

18th may 2021

  • FixedPentakill Mordekaiser Dance animation fixed.
  • ImprovedE and R particles are now attached to his hand instead of the ground. Basic attack trail and R beam removed. W and E animations are now twice as fast.

17th may 2021

  • AddedBuffbar icons, 4 skins (Dragon Knight, Infernal, Pentakill, Lord)
  • FixedBroken VO, SFX and VFX are fixed.
  • ImprovedChanged turret attack anim, the idle animation where he readjusts now plays less. Champion size reduced.

12th february 2021

  • FixedSkeleton updated for Patch 11.3


  • AddedVO and SFX

FIrst release

  • AddedFirst release


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 by Delawareness in 25/03/2022

Hey man, I really love this mod. It actually makes playing morde more fun, because I really enjoyed mordes first rework (i started playing in 2017, so i never played the oldest version of morde). The only problem is that the VO isnt working. I went in and changed the code on it like it said in the tutorial on how to fix audio after 11.20, and it fixed the sound effects, but didnt fix the VO not playing. I was just wondering if there was something I could do about it, or is it something that you would have to go in and fix?

 by Ricky Corse in 21/03/2022

Hey, I was just wondering if there was something wrong with the v/o. I got the sfx to work using the bugfix for the 11.20 stuff, I'm on en_us, and I can't figure out why just the vo isnt working. Is there something I could do, or will it be something you will have to fix in the future? The skin is amazing, but I really wish I could figure out how to get the vo to work.

 by kffyy in 17/10/2021

patch 11.20 broke it sadly :( (still want 2015 morde)

 by Joseph in 10/10/2021

Hey for some reason today I ran it but the E and Q sounds and the voice didnt play so thats it I hope you can tell me how to fix it, ( i have already re installed it)

 by ap0calypse7 in 06/10/2021

I'm excited for the 2nd version of Mordekaiser(2015). His abilities icons and the red cape he had was so good, and of course his old splash art was amazing :3

 by Qishilu in 06/10/2021

I'm excited for future plans for the 2nd version of Mordekaiser(2015). While I do like the classic one, I still hope for his 2015 abilities logos and his red cape

 by jooj in 30/09/2021

There's an old Morde skin, Dark Crusader Mordekaiser riot cancelled it, however the model and assets were in the game files and still can be found in this site: Do you think you could import it into the game? Always wanted to try this one out but never could.

 by Shantaram in 16/09/2021

Cool skin bro! Great Job! But voice dont work for me =( I play on RU server but with english localization Can u help me with my problem?

 by Scrafty in 29/09/2021

Only the en_US voice is replaced, you might be on en_GB or something similar.

 by meaty in 02/09/2021

thank you i love you :)

 by markito in 24/08/2021

i want this so much

 by Type in 13/05/2021

man thanks for that, just my favorite design of a champion, unfortunately the effects of the skills are not working but still i love playing with this skin

 by Michael in 06/05/2021

old Volibear PLsssssssssssssssss

 by Djowey Vokun in 23/04/2021

Old king of clubs Mordekaiser was the goat. Would love to see that one

 by Krollzor in 09/04/2021

Wait thats possible??? Oh man thats so fucking cool xD So thats that also mean we can recreate aatrox old model? it would be a dream holy shit :D

 by Scrafty in 11/04/2021

I think Old Aatrox is impossible due to a skeleton/weight issue. Could be wrong though.

 by TankyMordekaiser in 06/03/2021

This is so awesome! Only thing is that walking animation bugs a bit when you activate w or e when walking. Also he keeps bouncing his mace if he stands still until you do some kind of action which is kinda annoying, but this mod is AMAZING! I really hope other skins will be added.

 by Scrafty in 07/03/2021

Thanks for the feedback! The W E walk and the idle animation has been bugging me too. I will fix it in the next release.

 by iWhy in 29/01/2021

Dude, i love u so much, thanks for this c,:

 by Fuffi in 31/12/2020

can you make the other skins too? I loved the dragon one with the dragon on the cape :(

 by Scrafty in 31/12/2020

Of course. They'll be coming in later versions.

 by Treepoder in 31/12/2020


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