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Champion voices Mods Sounds




  • Sounds replaced: All Champion voices up to latest patch
  • Author: “Shinonomechan”
  • Skin Version: “1.6”
  • Description: Published before by Yuuki/Sinon




[03.05.2021] Patch 11.9

  • FixedUpdated for patch 11.9

[13.05.2021] PATCH 11.10

  • Added Updated for patch 11.10

[05.06.2021] PATCH 11.11

  • Added Updated for patch 11.11

[10.06.2021] PATCH 11.12

  • Added Updated for patch 11.12

[19.09.2021] PATCH 11.18

  • Added Updated for patch 11.18

[26.10.2021] PATCH 11.21

  • Added Updated for patch 11.21


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Bugs and errors

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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Toxxiixx in 13/07/2022

update it pleeease

 by Sean in 15/06/2022

Currently outdated as of 15th June 2022

 by | Gurqa | (@gaogurqa) in 25/05/2022

please update to patch 12

 by lightking813 in 28/04/2022

would it be possible to just get the isolated korean audio of just a few of the champs?

 by yone.palyer in 19/04/2022

not work russian

 by Yong God in 10/04/2022

update pls

 by Mado in 17/03/2022

It crashes when installating:(

 by blak in 07/02/2022

could you upload it to another server since mega has a limit of megabytes

 by Nicholas in 29/01/2022

if you can't download in mega, try to use a vpn, works for me

 by John in 02/01/2022

Is there an alternative link to download? Mega has limited download

 by ヒガン バナ in 02/12/2021


 by Anh Pham in 18/10/2021

I downloaded file but how can i install (or use) that ?

 by Talon (@Talon24415092) in 20/09/2021

if you are playing on vietnam server this file will not work as i commented the other day, if you want to use this mod then go to this link: .I talking this with the author ( this is her discord: Padoru#6666 ) and she dedicated make this mod to me UwU <3

 by Talon (@Talon24415092) in 19/09/2021

whether i use new verson, it still not working :( is it bc i use garena sv ?

 by Talon (@Talon24415092) in 19/09/2021

pls fix/upload it

 by crozer in 29/07/2021

having problems with the latest patch. it always have errors when downloading the sylas voice mods. pls fix

 by Ashley Kasprzak in 28/04/2021

Doesn't work anymore.

 by Skesa wia in 27/04/2021

Would really appreciate a patch if possible, because of now (11.8) this mod does not worke. All sounds are muted and a new version would be awsome. All the best skesa wia

 by Akira in 17/04/2021

Doesn't work, champions are mute

 by Remi in 06/04/2021

doesnt work on patch 11.7 for me, sounds for champion just goes mute, tried deleting and importing again , no change.

 by Wlad in 22/01/2021

PLEASE make a japanese champion audio PLEACE PLEACE PLEACE

 by Salvio in 20/01/2021

Japanese champion audio please and thank you for your working

 by nameless GOAT in 19/01/2021

can u update it

 by Dravener in 08/01/2021

Pls help! I use LCS to mod but when i start to play it still US sound. I'm sure i do all step right.

 by sinon fanboi in 06/01/2021

can u teach me or tell me step by step how to put the korean file that i downloaded huhu :< btw garena user

 by Raamie in 01/01/2021

Can you please make a Japanese Champion audio mod? Would be so sick man! Love your work!

 by Liam in 01/01/2021

Can you PLEASE make a Japanese Champion audio if you are able too?

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