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Mod information

  • Champion: Yasuo
  • Modified skin: Nightbringer Yasuo
  • Author: The Melancholy Of Slime
  • Skin Version: 1.0
  • In order to use this skin, you need to own Nightbringer Yasuo and select it in champion select.


  • New model and texture
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified loadingscreen
  • Modified in-game/skill icons
  • New voiceover

Known issues

  • The model’s weighting isn’t perfect so it might have some issues regarding some animations

Additional installation instructions

This skin includes 2 things which are the base mod (which is the .fantome file) and the Custom Voiceover Pack folder which contains the custom voiceover files.

  1. Download the base mod
  2. Download the language file which matches your server, client & game language (check the overview of language codes here)
  3. Import base mod into LCS
  4. Click on “Edit this mod”
  5. Go to the “Files” tab
  6. Import your language file (Drag and drop or “Add WAD”)
  7. Close “Edit mod” window
  8. Activate mod and press “Run” to use the mod


Download and Socials

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the additional installation instructions of this mod in order to install it properly.

IMPORTANT: This skin only works if you own Nightbringer Yasuo and select it in champion select.

NOTE: This is a Pick-and-choose Google Drive Download.
Right click the mod you want and press “Download”.
Then click on the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner and don’t mess with the single files in the overview.



[01.03.2022] FIrst release


This tutorial works for ALL types of mods you can find on this website.

Exception: The mod has “Additional installation instructions” on the post! Then you might have to do additional steps.

Safety of mods – can you get banned?

Now, you might be concerned about the safety of using mods and custom skins in a competitive online-game.

That’s why we compiled all information we have in this post:

Bugs and errors

All mods currently on this page should work for every patch, unless the mod status states otherwise.
HOWEVER: We still recommend you try every mod in a custom game first before going into PVP.
If you are sure the mod itself has issues, even though you installed it correctly, please let us know in our Discord!

Make sure to check out our FAQ and Error fixes to solve any issues you might have.
If your problem still persists, join our Discord and ask in the #help channel.

Mod status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Roastyy in 27/03/2022

Is there any way i can use this skin without owning Nightbringer Yasuo? I have True dmg Yasuo so if you could make this skin compatible with that skin but i think people would like it better if you put it on default. Thanks!

 by Vakalai in 10/03/2022

There is a way to set this skin as default because i dont have night bringer skin

 by mercyless in 10/03/2022

I would kindly ask though which is suitable for Garena since I followed the instructions but can't figure out why it keeps on pointing out why there is no wad and base despite downloading both voiceover and no voice over pack for Yasuo. dIs both wad and base not compatible with Garena Philippines or am I doing it wrong I would like to know since I tried over and over again. Thank you and godbless.

 by khanh in 09/03/2022

i used vn_Vn file and i used nightbringer ys but it doesnt work

 by gaudenn in 07/03/2022

hello mister Slime,i have used 2 of your yasuo moded skin on this website,it is absolutly wonderful. My only question is,the yae sakura skin's animation is not created by you right? So can you change the animation into yasuo spirit blossom animation? My English is not very good so i apologize for any inconvinient when you read my comments,pls reply me as soon as possible,thank you very much and have a great day!

 by Slime in 09/03/2022

Yae sakura skin's only change the recall animation, the rest is the default yasuo original animation. And yes i can change animation into yasuo spirit blossom but it it won't have the same effect as the spirit blossom skin :3

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