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Installation issues


Problem: LCS-Manager seems to be running correctly and states “Waiting for League match to start”, but none of the skins you tried show up.
Solution: Close LCS, right-click on the LCS-Manager.exe and click “Run as admin”. Now it should work.

Problem: LCS-manager has the status “Waiting for a League match to start” but doesn’t change any of the skins when entering a match.
Solution: Run the tool as an admin, as this is necessary for users who have LCS manager (or maybe League of Legends) installed in a directory with restricted access.
Solution 2: For users without admin access, reinstall or move the affected files into a user made directory on your hard drive (Example: C:NameOfDirectory)

Problem: los stream or !!handle error in LCS-Manager.
Solution: Make sure you delete your other language files in the League directory that you aren’t using in League right now.
You need to look for .wad.client files named .de_DE.wad (Depends on which language you have installed).
Folder: \Riot Games\League of Legends\Game\DATA\FINAL\

Problem: los stream error with merging in LCS-Manager.
Solution: Sometimes 2 mods will not work together because they have the same .wad.client file. Disable one of them and the problem should be resolved.

Problem: LCS-Manager shows the error “Aquire lock” and is basically stuck on running.
Solution: You have another instance of LCS running, you need to close it, if necessary via task-manager.

Problem: When I try to run LCS-Manager it shoes the error: [Error] Patch League: Failed to find fopen call!

  1. Get into practice mode
  2. Wait for loading screen to finish
  3. Run LCS while still in game
  4. Close game
  5. Any runs after that should work

Problem: When I import a custom skin into LCS-Manager it gives me the error “Install Fantome Mod” with any image file in the error details, most times it’s a png.

Solution: 1. Rename the .fantome file to .zip 2. Go into the META folder INSIDE the .zip and delete the .png file 3. Import the .zip file into lcs.
The problem is the image preview that got added in Fantome. It just happens to some people and we don’t know a reason for it or a fix.

Problem: When I import a custom skin into LCS-Manager it gives me the error “Install Fantome Mod”. The mod is somewhere saved under “Users” and I have non-English characters in my windows username.

Solution: Move it to a folder outside the “Users” folder, for example directly in C: Drive.


Skin issues

Problem: My textures look weird in-game. The custom model works file but it has weird colors and loads the original champion texture.

Solution: Set your character quality in League of Legends to “High or “Very High”.
Solution 2: Follow this video until the skin installation part, as you will need LCS-Manager or Fantome now, to update the textures for “Medium” and “Low/Very Low” quality settings.

Problem: My custom skin with a new model crashes in loadingscreen (usually at 60%).
Solution: After Patch 11.3 you have to update .skl files. Check this post:

Creation issues



Problem: League is crashing at 60% or 62% with my custom 3D-model and I already updated the .skl.
Solution: Instead of exporting as .skn directly, export as .fbx. Then delete the old .skn and .skl file, open the .fbx file and then export as .skn again.


 by Igor in 11/04/2021

White screen on LCS

 by Eraea in 09/02/2021

I have a problem where I would try to replace the skin weights where I want and I get "Warning: Specified weight could not be set due to locked influences." and what ever I painted on would result in either a full value of 1 or 0. Is there any fix for this?

 by Yoru in 09/02/2021

Hmm you should ask for help in our discord, it would be easier to help you on such a specific error.

 by Berna in 04/02/2021

Hi! sorry i don't know to reply properly, i hope a comment will be still validated. I'm occurring the problem of crash about 60% while using a custom 3D model. The problem is i'm not expert about league "mods" (infact i commissioned my custom model from someone) and i don't really know what does it mean to export as .skn or .fbx . Is there something i could do by myself? Do i need some specific programs other than Lcs manager? Thanks in advice and have a nice day ^^

 by Yoru in 04/02/2021

It would be easiest to wait for the creator to update sadly

 by Berna in 04/02/2021

hi! thanks for the reply! anyway i have only have the fantome zip file, and i guess i would need a "decompressed" version of it, right? anyway at this point shall i wait for a new lcs manager update?

 by Yoru in 04/02/2021

lcs doesnt have to do anything with it, it's the skeleton file of the champion, you'd have to extract the edited wad and update the skl.

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