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Maps Mods Old Summoner's Rift


Skin status: OUTDATED


  • Map Replaced: “Summoners Rift”
  • Skin Replaced: “Default”
  • Author: “TheKillerey”
  • Skin Version: “11.16”
  • Last updated for Patch: “11.16”
  • Description: “Remastered version of the old Halloween Rift Map in League of Legends. We have Old Shopkeeper, Old Map, New Lights, Easter Eggs, Changed Jungle Monsters (Not old ones), Old Sound, Old Halloween Minions, Old Turrents, Inhibs and Nexus”
  • South Shopkeeper is not on the correct position

IMportant Usage Information





[25.09.2021] Fixed for Patch 11.19

  • Fixed Fixed for Patch 11.19
  • Removed Removed Old Jungle Monsters for other Jungle Mods


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 by Big (@BigManYesMe) in 27/04/2022

Yo someone get this map updated! This is one of if not the best custom map you can get.

 by Avram Jmenar in 15/03/2022

Pleaaaaase update the map and the old SR too they are so awesome, please... Could you at least provide a suitable time-frame for when it will be available again ? I am ruining the Christmas spirit while constantly playing the old christmas map :( .. Help me, please, you will make my life so much better if you update at least this one, the most awesome of them all.

 by Avram Hasdeu in 07/03/2022

Please update the map... it is so awesome...

 by turuwo in 16/12/2021

pls update :<

 by Poppypuppy in 22/10/2021

Need to be fixed, no way to enter the game from the new patch, stuck in the loading screen, and crash...

 by tixazospoyeisai in 02/10/2021

why did you remove the old jungle monsters when using the jungles mod

 by Boom in 27/08/2021

Everything works, but ... it's frustrating that there is no animation of the old tower explosion (there is in tutorial # 1, but not on summoners rift)

 by pato poto in 02/08/2021

Please fix this map, I'm really looking forward to playing it :(

 by Ryan in 03/05/2021

Fix this map pls, don't load the match

 by Jordan in 20/04/2021

Please fiz this map, I want to play

 by SToR in 13/04/2021

Plis fix the best rift :((

 by Gaël CHARRE in 04/04/2021

It doesn't work, the client charges until 94% then come back to the "Reconnect" window. Probably your code is demanding too much or is too "old scool" (because of the old textures you wanted to feature on this awesome map skin ^^) in order to be adapted to the actual environment-code. Hope you can fix it soon ! Looks awesome.

 by galaxy in 25/03/2021

Crash at 95-97% . Please fix

 by fresh guy in 13/02/2021

In the pictures and video looks prettyy! Did you abandon the idea? This old looking maps are just wonderful, people just dont realized it yet

 by Virtuoso in 23/03/2021

Actually, there is no one who doesn't appreciate those maps the way i do. I started playing LOL in the summer of 2010. You can only imagine how much i miss the old maps (Winter map. Harrowing Map and Classic ones as well) especially The old Twisted Treeline. God, i loved that map so much. i've seen over the years all the changes and let me tell you... Riot Games is the only game developer that downgrades a game the more it gets popular. They managed to fuck up a great game. I'm glad that i have stopped playing LOL for 6 Months now and i have no intentions of going back UNLESS they bring back the old maps again... the way they were. but that's unlikely. I suggest you quit now if you feel the same way i did. I wish i had back in 2015.

 by cabeca143 in 09/02/2021

Crash at 40%

 by Axela in 05/02/2021

This doesn't work, can you update it? (ingame loading stuck at 40%) Thanks!

 by Lucas Freitas Mendes in 22/01/2021

I'm having problems with pink textures, only troop and turret textures appear, please fix it, I'm a big fan of your work, pls

 by Lucas Freitas Mendes in 22/01/2021

Pls, fixed, Ground is pink, not correct texture

 by Rian in 19/01/2021

I have a problem, inside the game only load the towers

 by Rian in 19/01/2021

Esta bugado quando eu entro no jogo, só aparece as torres e o nexus.

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