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Mod information

  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Author: TheKillerey & Leischii
  • Skin Version: 0.9.6
  • Description: A Bilgewater styled Rift which includes tons of modifications.
  • Credits: Nagiliant, Crauzer, Doge, Chewy, Leischii, Nikohiko, Franchlitz, Yoru, Instabuy


  • Supports all texture quality settings
  • Edited map textures
  • Edited elemental map textures
  • Edited minions
  • Edited jungle creeps
  • New models
  • Edited Map11.bin
  • Announcer Support
  • Edited UI
  • Edited HUD
  • Edited Music
  • Edited Turrets
  • Added Fog
  • Edited Font
  • Separate version

Important usage information

Gangplank announcer language addon is needed for both versions, get one here:

Mods inluded in Full Version (Announcer is not included in all versions):

Screenshots and videos

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget a Gangplank announcer language addon:



[07.5.2022] Fix for PATCH 12.8

  • Fixed Blackscreen when loading

[10.04.2022] Fix for PATCH 12.6

  • ADDED Raw Version of the mod so users can try to fix issues and load more like turrets and characters
  • REmoved Turrets, Particles and Characters temporary to load the map again
  • Fixed Fix issue when loading into the game

[11.10.2021] Fix for PATCH 11.20

Both versions:

  • Fixed Outdated bin files. All sounds are back!
  • Fixed Rift herald and Baron being mute
  • Fixed Baron not working with worlds skin
  • Fixed music pausing after destroying the first turret
  • Improved Reduced file size (~70 mb)

Light version only:

  • Added BW music to light version (Was no music at all before)
  • Added structure sfx/vfx to light version

[25.09.2021] Fix for PATCH 11.16

  • Fixed Fix for Patch 11.19

[14.08.2021] Fix for PATCH 11.16

  • Fixed Fix for Patch 11.16 (Thanks to Leischii)
  • Fixed Fixed size of Minions when playing on red side
  • Fixed Fixed legacy music not working


[07.08.2021] FIrst Beta release

  • Added Full playable map and separate version of Bilgewater Rift.


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Bugs and errors

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Skin status and what does it mean

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Please update 🙁

Wail Kardoussan

src = ./installed/BildgewaterRift Light.tmp
dst = ./installed/BildgewaterRift Light.tmp
game = D:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Game
src = ~/Desktop/uwu/BildgewaterRift
dst = ./installed/BildgewaterRift Light
game = D:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Game
error: !fs::exists(src / “META” / “info.json”) -> true
name: Run mod-tools
version: 2022-06-26-586bf88

What can i do?


Is this mod under patching? I always use it and it’s really bad that is outdated 🙁


hey i try to start the mod and it loads to 5% every time but then it crashes…what did i do wrong, also im using the DE audio if that helps.


same issue here


Everything is cool except font isn’t for all time use and tab + ability textures(they should be smooth and one color if you ask me) and if you are looking for more ideas and happen to read this comment i would change ranged creeps to look like melee ones except with cannons tied to their backs or another fish that looks like pokemon “Lanturn” with legs and powers up his antena to shoot cuz it’s awkward to look at them next to walking sharks they just don’t match in my opinion. Other than that great towers, USS Nashor very clear to see who is getting attacked and maybe make seaweed more clear to see where bushes start.


It might be just me, but other than my champion, I have no sounds when playing with the map or with the full set. Is there any issue with patch 11.20?


the new update changed the game.cfg files…cant even config the dam game for the map….one day i had it then the update and now i have no floor and no walls…and i cant find the game.cfg file in the directory…guess LOL cracking down fkin assholes

Lady Twintrix

Ever since Vex got released on live servers the map skin hasn’t been changing. Structures and creatures are still changed though just the map layout.


Perfect mod if without the font. Too hard to read sometimes


what about the bilgewater ingame music? i’m working on making one but i need to know the .bin file indexes


I have problems downloading, everything other than champion skins, does anyone know why this happens?


brands w radius is not visible on the lanes, in the bushes or river as an example it is


music and kills, assist etc. sounds doesn’t works for me


same here. only the turrets and brushes are there. ZERO ground to walk on lmao

GP main

Same issue


Bro its not working Help me pls. it only load the half map The ground is completely bugged


that works loveley


Into the game crash how to do


your mod is excellent only the font I don’t like. Is there any way I get everything except the font?