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Mod information

  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Author: TheKillerey X Riot
  • Skin version: 12.8
  • Description: Original Winter Rift from 2017 updated for new Elemental Rift.


  • Supports all environment and texture quality settings
  • Edited map textures
  • Edited elemental map textures
  • Edited minions [Snowdown]
  • Edited jungle creeps
  • New models [Christmas Objects]
  • Edited Map11.bin [Removed in 12.4]
  • Edited Music [Snowdown Sound]
  • Edited Effects [Snowdown Effects]


  • Added models having render issues on DX11, see fix below.


Open your client settings, go to the “Game” menu and enable “Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode” in order for the map to fully work.


Download and Socials

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the additional installation instructions of this mod in order to install it properly.

NOTE: This is a Google Drive Link. Just click on the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner and don’t mess with the ingle files in the overview.



[07.5.2022] Support for Patch 12.8

  • Fixed Blackscreen when loading

[09.4.2022] Support for Patch 12.6

  • Fixed Loading the map
  • Added New textures to Toplane and Botlane

[17.2.2022] fixes Patch 12.4 [HOTFIX]

  • Fixed Loadingscreen Error
  • Added New Loadingscreen format

[13.12.2021] fixes Patch 11.24 [HOTFIX]

  • Fixed Worlds missing textures, Missing sounds, Missing christmas models
  • Added Winter textures for Turrets, Inhibs and Nexus

[24.11.2021] New updates and fixes Patch 11.23

  • Fixed Chemtech fog, missing lower quality textures
  • Added New winter loadingscreen, Snowdown minions + music, Winter objectives


[23.11.2021] FIrst release


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Mod status and what does it mean

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Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by bluefire5m in 25/07/2022

custom structures have been broken since 12.9

 by Charlie Price in 17/05/2022

i cannot seem to get the christmas song to work? did i miss something

 by Romain Chan in 16/05/2022

it works really good , i like it very much thx

 by Mihajloo in 14/04/2022

I cannot see candys, shop keeper, and others but i have turned on dx9.. Whats the problem, can u tell me please? :)

 by Duck in 20/02/2022

great skin. good job

 by duchieu235 in 20/02/2022

hey happens when you don't enable dx9 legacy mode? i don't wanna enable it just for this skin

 by Yoru in 20/02/2022

doesn't have a noticeable effect at all basically

 by kusy14 in 06/01/2022

i have issue with all the extras (candles, candy canes, shop keeper, etc.) . Is there a way to fix it?

 by Yoru in 08/01/2022

read the additional installation instructions

 by Marc in 06/01/2022

currently not working with newest patch :(

 by Hammy Boi in 24/12/2021

The map loads fine for me, but all the extras (candles, candy canes, shop keeper, etc.) load in with a fuzzy non-texture and I can't seem to fix it.

 by Yoru in 25/12/2021

read the additional installation instructions.

 by Alex in 26/12/2021

If DX9 is not the problem for you, you may need to redownload the map and/or Fantome. I did both on two different computers and it brought the textures back.

 by CringeDude in 13/12/2021

Can you please post your world ground fix but with no models BECAUSE it works on other maps who havent been updated yet!

 by Alex Lee in 12/12/2021

Not the biggest issue right now but would it be possible to restore the snowdown music? Right now it plays the default summoner's rift music. Thanks for the current fix, everything else works for the current patch.

 by nupakachi in 11/12/2021

this map in version 11.23 I installed it was fine, until update 11.24 there was an error in the main house in a rectangular frame that does not display the winter map but the old map (again) The bug only appears in the area from the main turret to the super minion turret)

 by YEP in 10/12/2021

this map works kinda but in some spot like by the alcove top lane and both nexus areas don't load in to the winter theme and then after soul is determined then those fill into the winter theme and then the mid lane from tower to tower don't work and I think the bot lane also doesn't work around where the waves meet I might've missed a couple spots but it's weird how only like 80% of the map works.

 by Angel in 10/12/2021

I keep getting glitches where part of the map shows as the normal map and the rest shows as winter-y

 by Joachim Wilhelm Skjærstad in 10/12/2021

Part of my winter map is just the default version of the map, its like only 80 is winter and 20 prosent is default, any fix for this?

 by YEP in 10/12/2021

yeah this map doesn't seem to have the whole map loaded when i try to play it since both nexux areas are still default map besides the rocks and then around the alcove in the top lane is also default it's a shame

 by Auxilium in 09/12/2021

some textures are bugged now :(

 by Synaelle in 09/12/2021

The announcer is silent with this mod

 by KingCrazy05 in 08/12/2021

love the map, had some strange vfx issues with jinx rockets when I was playing on it tho, looked like they had a big orange circle around them.

 by omar in 08/12/2021

its not working for me is it because its outdated

 by Evant in 08/12/2021

i dont hear my korean announcer with this map skin? any fixes?

 by hi in 03/12/2021

works perfectly fine without dx9 for me

 by Eli in 02/12/2021

I love this! I have noticed some issues, though. The Chemtech drake has the Hextech model, and the announcer is silent for some reason. Once those are fixed, it's perfect!

 by Jeda in 08/12/2021

I have the same problem: announcer cannot be heard

 by DriftingSands in 02/12/2021

Will this be updated so we don't need to have DX9 mode active? I have a TON of input-lag while using it....

 by Yoru in 02/12/2021

It's not possible to have it without the DX9 due to Riot

 by Thomas Shadow in 02/12/2021

Waiting for RTX-Winter Rift

 by Kwow in 28/11/2021

Awesome map. only problem is that currently it's not working with other announcement mods while the base ones don't work.

 by Ellison Brooks in 27/11/2021

Hey when i try to use the winter rift for some reason it puts it under the character section and not the map and it doesn't works cause of this

 by BKTKM in 25/11/2021

Love the minions on the sled, great job!

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