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League of Legends mod to be used with cslol-manager

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  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Author: TheKillerey
  • Mod version: 13.8
  • Description: Winter Season is coming and we republish the original Winter Rift map with some new modifications. Thumbnail will be changed soon when we reworked the map.


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  • Supports all texture quality settings
  • Edited map textures
  • Edited elemental map textures
  • Edited grass colors
  • New models


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[27.04.2023] Update for patch 13.8

FixedUpdate for new grass feature


[29.03.2023] Update for patch 13.6

RemovedRemoved characters, particles, turrets etc. (Get’s a rework)

FixedMap not loading


[27.02.2023] Update for patch 13.4

FixedFixed Health Bars

FixedFixed Shader Path’s


[13.01.2023] Update for patch 13.1

FixedFixed Turrets, Loadingscreen and Braziers


[24.12.2022] CHRISTMAS UPDATE 12.23

FixedFixed Endscreen

ADDEDNew Loadingscreen, New Christmas Items


[14.12.2022] Optimized for patch 12.23

FixedItem Particle Bugs by removing them, keeping up with them every patch would be too much of a commitment considering we will have more maps coming next year. Removed from 2.0 patch notes. Hulbreaker boxes and such.


[6.12.2022] Vision plant root fix

FixedTexture around vision plants back to normal.


[01.12.2022] December 2.0 Update


  •  Inhibs smaller to fit size of normal inhibs
  • Chemtech Plants lifetime fixed
  • Ocean Drake isnt as bright
  • Aurora Effect Removed (top laners rejoice)!


  • Loading Symbol Poro
  • Hex Gates
  • New Turret Plating Design
  • Jungle Pets have hats!


  • Added Gloves to Blue Buff
  • Gave South Shopkeeper a hat
  • -Blast cones now have a blue explosion to match frosty vibe

[24.11.2022] Plant and Inhib Animation Fix

FixedBlast cones dissapear until fully grown, and the presents on the inhibs spin when broken to show when they are down.


[24.11.2022] FIrst release

  • First release

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Bugs and errors

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