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SKIN STATUS : Not all mods will work


  • Includes: Mapskins, Leaguecraft and Voxskins custom skins
  • Author: “Included in mods”
  • Description: “Lots of ported mods from older websites.”
  • Files: “644 Skins”
  • Overall size: 11.5 GB


Report any skin that don’t work in-game! All mods are ported to the Fantome format and will install. Thanks to Packumi for sharing the wooxy files.

Important: All skins that are remodel require this fix





FIrst release

  • AddedAdded Mapskins, Leaguecraft and Voxskins skins to it.


Custom Skins currently on this page should work for every patch. All errors you will get are local errors depending on how “YOU” installed the skin. Also make sure you try to run as admin or your PC is outdated (Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 users) if you have problems.

You can find already answered questions and fixes here (Will get an own page later)

STATUS and what does it mean

Updated: The Skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends Patch

Worked: The Skin works ingame but have some bugs in it

Outdated: The Skin doesn’t work for the latest League of Legends Patch



 by Baian0r in 24/05/2021

is there any way to make some skins work? like there are skins that the game enters the loading screen and suddenly the game closes ...

 by Yoru in 24/05/2021

 by Gótica in 24/04/2021

There is no flash singed anywhere, does anyone have this relic?

 by Sarpoza in 20/04/2021

got few issues trying to recover Alien Kog'Maw Skin, kinda small i guess Actually, his W Caustic Spittle not using the correct texture, but the normal Kog'Maw texture over the Alien avatar, can ya help?

 by lalala in 13/04/2021

The Angel execution khazix skin does not work even after update

 by Arise in 04/04/2021

I want the old SR back :'( Map Skin doesn't work....

 by Dedé in 23/03/2021

Yasuo Zoro dont work

 by SkinCollector in 22/03/2021

Put Kayn custom skins if there are any because i don't remember if he had

 by Yoru in 23/03/2021

no he didnt

 by Cacetada in 07/03/2021

pls add WhiteBeard Tryndamere

 by EnZo_ in 05/03/2021

For the recovered skins, you should upload them all on this website instead of dropbox because there is no pictures of them and we can't see how they look like before we download them I think. Anyways keep up the good work :)

 by Yoru in 05/03/2021

You might be able to google their names and author to find them

 by kami in 01/03/2021

The archive is broken after downloading the 12gb file?

 by elfe255 in 21/02/2021

Most aren't working was looking for demon sasuke yasuo, starcraft vayne, monkey d luffy zac and other naruto and one piece skins.

 by Yoru in 22/02/2021 you need to do this

 by CristhianENP333 in 14/02/2021

skin of zac majin buu pls xd

 by springer in 04/02/2021

Guys i really want the old Kratos Tryndamere skin, does anyone have the old file? T_T i'm looking for it in google everywhere but it seems to not exist anymore.

 by Luca Casali in 03/02/2021

Shaggy ryze dosnt work fix now you have to please for my life

 by yukiooooooooo in 29/01/2021

the Headhunter Katarina is not working >.<

 by Yoru in 01/02/2021

Will repost the skin to killerskins when I get to it ^^

 by Marv in 23/01/2021

Is it possible to get the old HUD working?

 by vitinhodead in 20/01/2021

Nyan cat nidalee dont work

 by Samara in 18/01/2021

Old Karma dont work

 by befro in 13/01/2021

I finally found the costume I was looking for thanks

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