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Tutorials 2D-Editing Creation

This tutorial shows how to make an easy recolored map-skin using this Summoner’s Rift template.

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: TheKillerey#8127


No Photoshop users should look how Batch processing works in GIMP or other softwares

XnConvert can be used to batch convert all images. But the result can be different.

Required tutorials

In order to follow this tutorial you must understand and be able to follow the following tutorial:

Required tools

Written tutorial

First of all download the map template. (This includes map, chars and turrets. All you need for texture changing)

The format is already done: Map11.wad.client, DATA.wad.client and DATA2.wad.client and Map11Levels.wad.client (Map11 includes most texture files for the map itself).

Personally the best and fastest way to recolor all images is to use the bulk edit mode in Photoshop. Sadly I don’t use any other software but it’s just recoloring right now. It can be also done in GIMP or But the way is a bit different and you need to touch any texture manually.

For the bulk mode open up Photoshop.

Editing the texture and creating a LUT

We load one terrain texture into Photoshop to color correct it. *\TemplateCustomMap\Map11\assets\maps\kitpieces\srx\textures\base_botlane_ground_d.srx_envart.png

I made now a simple color change using Black/White and hue.

To make it easy we will create a LUT out of it. (Make sure your texture is set as background) Can be done if you flatten the image and copy paste your color changes.

Now go to “File -> Export -> Color Lookup Table”

A window will popup. Set the output to .cube. (We only need this one but the other ones will also work) Then click on “OK”

Now you need to save it. I prefer to choose the same folder were the skin folder is so if you need to update your skin you also have your color correction in there.

Creating an action

Now we setup the automatic program. Go to Window -> Actions

You will see this window. Add now a new folder. Name it whatever you want.

After that select the folder you created and click on the “+” icon. This will create your first action. Name it whatever you want and click on “Record”

1We record the action now. Select the LUT we created and click on Save As: DDS (If you have the Plugin installed) or PNG. (I will directly save it as DDS so I don’t need to convert the textures with XnConvert) For DDS make sure your using DXT5 or Color + Alpha. So we don’t lose the alpha channel.

If all is done STOP your recording.

Batch processing

Close all your files so you have a blank Photoshop.

Open all texture files which are NOT INSIDE Map11.LEVELS.wad.client (those need extra treatment or the map will crash). You can do all texture folders seperatly if you want to avoid memory problems. My tip is to search for .dds so you can select all textures at ones.

After all textures are loaded you want to modify all selected files. File -> Automate -> Batch…

This will appear. Copy my setup. Set: “Your Folder in Actions” and your “Action” you recorded. Source: Opened Files and destination to Save and Close. After that click on OK and the magic will happen.

All files will be closed after finishing it.

After that if you exported as DDS you need to delete all png files by searching them and “Select all -> Delete”.

If you exported as PNG the files will be replaced and now you can select the MAP11 and DATA2 Folder and put it into XnConvert. Convert it to .DDS and delete original to make the process faster.

Adding support for lower resolutions

To avoid quality problems for users who don’t use “Very High” or “High” quality you need to to add 2x_ and 4x_ to it. I normally do it with XnConvert. Map11 and DATA2 need this. Just drag both folders into the program and do this:

Make sure that you don’t delete the original files!

2x is 50% Resolution

4x is 25% Resolution

Now we added the support for lower resolutions.

Editing grasstints

Now we come to MAP11Levels. We will now recolor the grass. For this we need the plugin for dds because they have a specific dds format that can’t be used in XnConvert.

Open all to Photoshop and go to the Actions Window again.

Go to Save and select it. Your able to modify the output format. The save file can be random placed. I would delete it after doing it. Don’t replace it with your current files.

Intel Texture works plug-in: You will come now to this screen. Choose Texture Type Color and Compression: none 32bpp (Lossless, no compression) and click on OK.

Nvidia dds plug-in: Choose Format type BGRA 32 bpp unsigned and compression quality highest

After that go to File -> Automate -> Batch… again and do the same proess.

Creating a working mod

Now you have all textures correct and you can make a mod out of it.

How to create a mod in LCS-Manager (Fantome currently doesn’t work.)


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