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2D-Editing Creation Tutorials

This tutorial teaches you how to do a simple recolor skin.

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: TheKillerey#8127

Required tools

Written tutorial

Extracting files

First you need to extract the wad.client file and select the file you want to modify.

Editing the texture

After that go to the image file you want to modify and import it into your image editor. For me it’s Photoshop.

Now we can repaint the textures.

IWhen done we save it as .dds dxt1. DXT1 means we don’t have a transparent channel. If you want to have a transparent texture choose DXT5 (you can use it for any texture basically).

Or Save it as .png and convert it with the XnConvert Tool to .dds

Lower resolution textures

Now we need to add also 2x_ and 4x_. These textures are needed if someone is using the low resolutions for the character.
XnConvert can do that easy by doing this: 0.50 scale is used for 2x_ and 0.25 scale for 4x_.
You can also do it with photoshop.

Packing a mod

Now we are ready to pack into a modfile. Go to LCSManager and click on create a mod.

After that add your informations and add the RAW Folder.

Never select the DATA, LEVELS or ASSETS Folder otherwise it will not work. Select the folder ABOVE theses folders.


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I tried getting the Intel DDS Plugin because it’s apparently required, and the instalation instructions on their website tell me to paste a file into the photoshop plugin folder, but I downloaded GIMP. There doesn’t seem to be a plugin folder for GIMP. I had to get the Intel DDS Plugin because I don’t use Nvida. Do I really need the Intel DDS Plugin? What can I do about this if I don’t want to get Photoshop?


Excellent tutorial for starting out. Thank you!


Yeah did everything from step 1 to the end and getting error on lcs manager about wad file


Does this change the attacks a s well? Is there anyway to make it change the attacks?


FIXED IIT!!!!!!!!!
So after 2-3H of looking like stupid and try to do the same thing again and again i found a fix.
What i did, I basicly extracted all the files from the base skin not just the in game model because if u look in the .rar files of other custom skins u can see they have more than just the base model there, so i said what if i just copied the whole folder (aka animations, particles, 2x, 4x and lucian base tx cm, loading screen and lucian base .skl and .skn.
So i did that and it worked.
Hope this helps and if u have more questions i will try to help. ^_^


Yeah same problem here, all nice and good but at the end LCS cant find the .wad base pls make a video wit the tutorial! or a response. I beg you


Hi I follow all of your tutorial and I have the error while save the skin in Lcs manager say it cant find base.wad I have deal with this problem for 4 hours could you help me pls